LAST night's rollover was an amazing £110K and it's still up for grabs as no one has claimed the numbers yet.

Because there were no winners on the £98million EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday, it meant the prize rolled over on Friday night (19 November).

If you did get lucky it would put you among some of the richest people in the UK – and one of the biggest lottery winners ever.

Tonight's draw is the Lotto and could see someone win a huge £4.1 million.

Read our EuroMillions live blog below for the latest updates…

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    When do the Lotto results come out?

    The Lotto draw takes place tonight at 8pm, meaning the results will follow shortly after.

    The winning numbers will be posted on our blog.

    Until then, there’s plenty of time left to play until the draw… so what are you waiting for?!

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    How to play the Lotto

    1. Players must pick six numbers from 1-59 or go with a Lucky Dip for randomly selected numbers
    2. Chose to play on a Wednesday or Saturday, or both days if you like.
    3. You can buy Lotto tickets online every day from 6am until 11pm. But remember, to play on a draw day, you’ll need to buy your ticket before 7.30pm.
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    Explained: What draw is on tonight?

    Tonight Brits can play the Lotto, and be in with the chance of winning a grand sum of £4.1 million.

    Lotto was introduced back in 1994 and has since then become the nations favourite game.

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    Who are the biggest Euromillions winners in history?

    If you don’t try your luck, you’ll never know. But ALWAYS remember to play responsibly, and when the fun stops, stop.

    Your chances to win may be remote but if you do win, you could win BIG.

    Here are some of the record prizes one by UK winners in the past:

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    Could luck be down to your star sign…?

    According to the stars, it seems that some of us are much more likely to get it than others.

    Leo – Oh, Leo we knew you’d be one of the lucky ones. You always look good, have a string of admirers and just tend to always be prowling on the bright side of the street.

    Virgo – It’s no coincidence that planner extraordinaire is one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. Their MI5-level attention to detail and incredible work ethic may make it seem as if things just fall in their lap.

    Scorpio – They’ll often find themselves in the right place at the right time as if by magic, much to the annoyance of some less fortunate souls.

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    Explained: Odds of winning the EuroMillions

    The life-changing jackpot is hard to scoop. With between 80 to 100 million people purchasing a ticket for a EuroMillions draw each week, it proves stiff competition.

    In order to win the cash prize, players need to match all five main numbers and both lucky star numbers.

    But punters only have a 1 in 139,838, 160 chance of bagging the top prize.

    Matching five numbers and one star has odds of 1 in 6,991,908.

    There is a 1 in 22 chance of matching two numbers in the draw.

    The approximate overall odds of winning a prize in EuroMillions are 1 in 13.

    According to the EuroMillions website, the chances of winning the UK Millionaire Maker game can be estimated as 1 in 1,900,000.

    But winning in this game depends entirely on the number of the payslips sold, so the odds therefore fluctuate.

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    The biggest lost opportunity

    The UK’s biggest unclaimed win was from June 2012, when a Euromillions prize worth £63.8 million.

    The prize money was never picked up by its unfortunate owner.

    The ticket was bought in the Stevenage or Hitchin areas of Hertfordshire but, after the allowed time period to claim expired, the money was instead distributed among charitable causes.

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    Secrets to winning the lottery revealed

    1. Avoid computer picks. It lowers your odds of winning.
    2. On scratchcards try buying 10 of one ticket instead of several different tickets.
    3. Mix it up – Never play all one-number groups.
    4. Don’t pick all odd or all even numbers.
    5. Don’t play patterns.
    6. Avoid anniversaries, birthday’s and dates.
    7. Don’t Copycat – Avoid playing winning numbers that have been drawn before, because every combination has a chance of coming up once every half a million drawings.
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    Lucky numbers for 2021 lottery

    Astrologers have suggested that there are specific numbers that could be worth playing if you want to win the lottery.

    They are 1, 4, 2, and 7.

    Also, those numbers that add up to these like 10, 11, and 22 can be your lucky numbers in 2021.

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    Recap: Last night's Euromillions results

    Last night’s winning numbers were: 22, 26, 38, 47, 50 

    The lucky stars were: 2 and 6

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    The loneliest number

    These are the numbers are the ones drawn the LEAST:

    1st – 50, drawn just 22 times

    2nd – 53, drawn just 23 times

    3rd – 26, drawn just 24 times

    =3rd – 48, drawn just 24 times

    =3rd – 51, drawn just 24 times

    4th – 57, drawn just 25 times

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    Scratching for gold

    According to Oddschecker, the best scratchcard to snap up is £500 Loaded with odds of just 1 in 3.15.

    For just a fiver you could be in the running for £500.

    In second place, with the same odds, is Full of £500s which also has a top prize of £500.

    Cashword Multiplier follows close behind, which sees punters scratch off letters to reveal symbols to create full words.

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    Explained: When are the draws?

    There is a draw happening six nights a week, apart from Sundays.

    Here is a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life and what day they happen on.

    Tonight is the turn of the main Lotto and the Thunderball.

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    Just keep swimming

    Well, it’s good news if you’re born in February or March.

    According to research from Lott and MailOnline, dreamy Pisces is the luckiest sign of the zodiac when it comes to winning the lottery.

    The data, which was based on those winning the top lottery jackpot, found that 11.6% of the winners were Pisces – meaning, on average, they were more likely to pick the golden ticket.

    Go-with the-flow Pisces will stumble upon extraordinarily lucky breaks and often find themselves effortlessly attracting most things on their wish list.

    So, Pisces, if you’re reading this maybe you should get down to the shops and buy a lottery ticket.

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    Family drama

    In 2016, the Davies family won £61million on the EuroMillions.

    Stephanie Davies, then 23, reluctantly bought a ticket after mum Sonia phoned from Florida and begged her to buy one.

    Sonia, who worked as an administration assistant, was in the US having vital keyhole surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from the parathyroid glands in her neck, and had a feeling she would go on a winning streak after the op was a success.

    But even this happy family couldn’t avoid controversy as it was reported father of the family Keith, of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, would share his cash with his daughters with ex Mandy – but his wife’s son was allegedly snubbed.

    Keith’s partner Sonia’s estranged son Spencer Pugh claimed he would not see a penny of the £61million EuroMillions win.

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    For the girls (continued)

    Sarah, who said she “loved” her surgically enhanced chest, also went back to university so that her mum could have a “picture of me graduating”.

    Eight years after winning the lottery she decided to quit her job as a social worker and pursue modelling opportunities, where she’s found ultimate happiness. 

    “Up until now there’s no bad part of being a millionaire – I’ve loved every minute,” Sarah added. 

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    For the girls

    Sarah Cockings from Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear won a whopping £3million in April 2005 when she was just 21.

    She claimed to “live a very normal life” despite her vast fortune, and after the money dropped in her account she treated her siblings Emma and Alex to matching boob jobs.

    “Just after I won, I bought my two sisters boob jobs but now I’ve had one myself, because mine were wrecked by breastfeeding,” she told the Daily Mail in 2019.

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    Biggest winners

    • £1.308 billion (Powerball) on January 13 2016 in the US, for which three winning tickets were sold, remains history’s biggest lottery prize
    • £1.267 billion (Mega Million) a winner from South Carolina took their time to come forward to claim their prize in March 2019 not long before the April deadline
    • £633.76 million (Powerball draw) from a winner from Wisconsin
    • £625.76 million (Powerball) Mavis L. Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts claimed the jackpot in August 2017
    • £575.53 million (Powerball) A lucky pair of winners scooped the jackpot in Iowa and New York in October 2018

    Feelin' lucky?

    When playing the Lottery, Brits can choose their usual numbers, or take a pot-shot on the Lotto’s Lucky Dip.

    Gillian and Adrian Bayford, who won £148m in 2012, took a chance on random numbers.

    The couple snapped up a fleet of luxury cars and splashed the cash on property before their nine-year marriage broke down.

    The UK’s biggest ever jackpot winners are still anonymous, with their prize draw of £170m.

    Are you the lucky winner? (continued)

    Camelot’s Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “It’s just a week ago that this life-changing Lotto jackpot prize was won.

    “We’re asking Lotto players to check their tickets as this could be a life-changing win for the lucky ticket-holder. We’re hoping that they will now come forward and claim their amazing prize.

    “What’s more, tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is a massive estimated £110M, meaning it could be a wonderful weekend of winning for National Lottery players.”

    Any prizes that are not claimed after 180 days go to National Lottery Projects across the UK.

    Are you the lucky winner?

    Lottery players are being urged to check their tickets with a huge £4.1million still up for grabs.

    The whopping prize remains unclaimed after the ticket was brought for last Saturday’s draw.

    The lucky winner scooped a £4,101,869 jackpot by matching all six main numbers.

    Camelot confirmed the ticket was brought in retail rather than online but hasn’t released the area yet.

    They wait for a prize to remain unclaimed for two weeks before revealing where it was purchased.

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      Lucky Lucy

      Dogs are often described as “man’s best friend” but it seems lucky rescue Lucy may appreciate that more than most. 

      She was found “starving and terrified” by Faye and Richard Davies after being “abandoned on the mountainside” in Brecon Beacons, Wales, back in 2018.

      Just weeks late the couple won £1million on the EuroMillions and they decided to spend some of it treating the poor pooch.

      After recognising Lucy was too scared to go out for walks, they paid £20,000 for a private field for her to play in.

      Faye told the Mirror: “She was terrified of people, of other dogs and water, so dog walks were a nightmare.

      “Then, weeks after our win, a half-acre field came up for sale just down the road [and] we bought it for Lucy.”

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      What happens if no one claims a prize?

      If no UK players come forward within 180 days then the prize money, plus all the interest it has generated while it is held in trust, goes to National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.

      The National Lottery have said: “Our players change the lives of individuals as well as communities by raising, on average, over £33 million for National Lottery-funded projects every week.”

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      Family battle royale (continued)

      The rest of the winnings are currently the focus of a dispute between the murdered farm labourer’s nine brothers and his widow Adriana Ferreira de Almeida.

      She was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his murder.

      In 2019, Renne’s brothers tried to annul the will that provided for Renata as the only heir, which was accepted by the court.

      And earlier this year, the court doubled Renata’s inheritance advance – without prejudice to the other testamentary heirs.

      But the 14-year-long dispute was finalised in October, with the daughter being granted half of the lottery winner’s money.

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      Family battle royale

      The daughter of a lottery winner who was murdered by his wife over his jackpot got half his £12million fortune after a 14-year court battle.

      Brazilian Renne Senna was murdered in 2007 after he won £7 million playing the lottery – and his widow is currently serving 20 years in prison for his death.

      The lottery prize money, which he won in 2005, increased over the years due to the sale of various assets after his death- and now totals £11.7 million.

      But now Renne’s daughter, Renata Senna will receive half of her father’s fortune, it’s been revealed.

      According to local media outlets, as soon as tax on the money has been paid the daughter will receive half of the fortune.

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