Feeling sluggish? Lacking in energy? Why magnesium could reinvigorate you

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If you lack energy and feel less motivated than you used to but tell yourself it’s because you’re growing older – you may be wrong.

A lack of energy can have a knock-on effect on your mood, your muscles and how much you get out of your day.

But more people are discovering that a magnesium deficiency in their diets could be the cause, as against simply getting older.

If you lack energy and feel less motivated than you used to but tell yourself it’s because you’re growing older – you may be wrong

A lack of energy is often the result of a shortage of key nutrients, normally obtained from a healthy, balanced diet. Food supplements can also be a useful additional source of these key nutrients.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps muscles function correctly, keeps bones strong and importantly where fatigue is concerned, magnesium is fundamental for energy production at a cellular level.

According to the 2020 Health of the Nation Survey released by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, over 71% of adults in the UK are now taking food supplements and nearly a third have started taking them in the last year. The survey also reveals that magnesium is now in the top 10 most in demand food supplements, having significantly increased in popularity over the last five years.  

Tony Golby, 78, says since taking Magnesium+ he has noticed a marked increase in his energy levels 

The scientific professionals at nutritional supplement company FutureYou Cambridge offer a gentle on the stomach supplement that helps to maintain levels of magnesium in your system.

The difference in energy levels was key for Tony Golby, 78, in Coln St. Dennis, Gloucestershire. Tony describes himself as a semi-retired gardener. He not only still works hard in his own garden, but also looks after the grounds of several churches in his local area.

‘I consider a good day’s work a standard eight hours in the garden – but I recently began to feel tired and thought, is age sneaking up on me?

‘I read about Magnesium+ in the paper and although I had tried magnesium supplements before, I really liked the fact that these were science-backed so I decided to make the change.

‘For me it was like flicking a switch – I began to feel much more like my old self. Thanks to Magnesium+ I’m good for at least another 10,000 miles!’

Deb Eastwood, 68, says Magnesium+ has helped her feel back to her old self – and made her 6am starts and physical days easier 

Deb Eastwood, aged 68, runs a livery yard in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and had a similar experience to Tony.

Deb juggled being a nurse for thirty-six years as well as a part-time driving instructor and is used to being busy. She now runs a livery yard where she breeds Shire horses and also volunteers in the re-housing of former commercial hens through Fresh Start for Hens

‘I’m up at 6.00am every day to start work in the yard, and was particularly busy when other owners couldn’t get to the stables through bad weather or shielding, so I had to muck out more horses than usual’ Deb said.

‘My work is very physical, and I began to feel tired when previously I had felt fine.

The type of magnesium in Magnesium+ is up to twice as easy for the body to absorb 

‘I went online to see what might help me and came across Magnesium+.

‘I liked the fact that these supplements were backed by scientists so decided to give them a try. I soon realised that I felt just like I used to. In fact, at one point I ran out of Magnesium+ and quickly felt I couldn’t do as much as I wanted – I really couldn’t do without them.’

Miriam Ferrer PhD, head of product development at FutureYou Cambridge, explains: ‘The magnesium lactate used in Magnesium+ is an organic form. It’s at least twice as easy for the body to absorb as magnesium oxide, which is most commonly used in supplements.

‘Magnesium oxide products may contain high amounts but they tend to have a very low absorption rate meaning they’re not easily released into the body.’

Emma Hanton, a registered associate nutritionist and food blogger who runs essentially emma agrees:

‘Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body requires on a daily basis. It’s involved in many different processes in the body, from muscle and bone health through to energy and normal psychological function. It can be found in many foods, but many people in the UK just don’t get enough.’

Annabel, 61, was told she was magnesium deficient about three years ago, and says she has found taking Magnesium+ has made her more energetic, which has helped improve her sleep

Annabel Simons, 61, who writes award-winning blog Annabel & Grace for older women, found that to be the case for her.

‘Our foods don’t have as many nutrients as they used to,’ she says. ‘Our fruits and vegetables are often ripened artificially so even when we’re getting our five a day, it may not be sufficient.’ 

Like many people, Annabel was told she was magnesium deficient about three years ago. Before taking it she avoided reading up on the benefits of magnesium so she could see for herself whether it made any difference to her.

‘Initially, I thought I could be imagining the improvements, but I genuinely believe that Magnesium+* made me more energetic which led to me sleeping more consistently.

‘This combination meant my general wellbeing was much better. Suddenly exercise seemed easier and with more exercise, that cycle of improvement only got better.’

Annabel had previously tried other magnesium supplements and had also failed to see any effect by adding magnesium to her everyday diet.

Tracey realised she was lacking magnesium when she began to feel sluggish and tired, but since taking Magnesium+ she feels quite different 

Self-employed blogger, Tracy from Suffolk, is in her 50s, and had a similar experience to Annabel.

‘I didn’t realise I was lacking in magnesium until recently. I just felt sluggish, lacking in energy and tired all of the time.

‘Before the pandemic, I used to visit people with dementia in care homes around the county to inspire them with music. This hasn’t been possible recently, so I decided to set up my own blog, The Violet Cottage, which looks at ways to live a happier, simpler life by taking stock of what’s important to each one of us.’

Tracey continues: ‘I heard that a magnesium supplement could help with my energy levels, so I decided to do some research.

‘After looking at the various brands and types of magnesium available, I came across Magnesium+ and felt reassured by the science and the fact that the company was based in Cambridge.

‘It’s quite amazing, I really do feel quite different.’ 

* Magnesium+, which also includes B6, contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal energy-yielding metabolism, muscle function and normal psychological function and the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

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