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A Loganair sea plane destined for Sunburgh on Shetland was forced to turn back after it declared an emergency over the North Sea.

The flight took off from Aberdeen airport just after 7.25am on February 18th but declared an in-flight emergency.

It was forced to turn off from its scheduled path to Sumburgh on Shetland and return back to Aberdeen airport in the Dyce suburb of Aberdeen.

According to AirNav Radar Box, a website that tracks flight paths, the plane emergency landed at the airport at around 8.15am.

In a Tweet, RadarBox said: "Loganair LM901 declared an emergency and returned to Aberdeen."

It is unclear at this stage why the flight returned to Aberdeen but declaring an in-flight emergency is fairly common.

Earlier on in February, a RAF C-17 Globemaster III was forced to declare an emergency following reports of "smoke and flames" in the cockpit.

The plane was flying north-west at around 24,000ft near Shrewsbury when it raised the alarm 20 minutes into the flight.

The aircraft reportedly turned around and dumped fuel before it made a break for Birmingham Airport 50 miles away.

Four emergency vehicles were scrambled to the scene after the aircraft was seen to initially head back to RAF Brize Norton – but diverted to Birmingham.

The RAF has said the seven people were on board the C-17 Globemaster were "all fine".

  • RAF plane makes emergency landing at Birmingham Airport after 'smoke entered the cabin'

An RAF spokesman told BirminghamLive: "An RAF C-17 Globemaster from RAF Brize Norton on a routine training mission suffered a technical issue requiring it to land as soon as practicable, the aircraft completed an uneventful precautionary recovery to Birmingham airport where the aircraft landed safely."

FlightRadar 24 said in a Tweet: "It reported 'Emergency overhead, RRR818, smoke in cockpit, squawk 7700'.

"Apparently there were smoke and flames in the cockpit, but he got down safely."

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