FOX News host Bill Hemmer told Donald Trump's ally to "show evidence of voter fraud or shut up."

American Conservative Union head Matt Schlapp claimed that he had seen evidence of "thousands and thousands of illegal votes" in Nevada.

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Schlapp insisted that, after a visit to the state, "I have never been to a place where we were able to demonstrate almost immediately thousands and thousands of improper ballots."

However, the Republican did not provide any evidence of what he had seen or proof that the votes were fradulent.

Hemmer goes on to prod Schlapp, asking him when the evidence will come to light.

Schlapp does not provide the host with a time or any information with regards to any evidence.

In a later interview, with Senator Thom Tillis, Hemmer fumed about his exchange with Schlapp.

"Matt Schlapp just came back from Clark County," Hemmer said.

"He's arguing that there are thousands and thousands of illegal votes cast. Well, that may or may not be the case, but so far we haven't seen any evidence of that.

"At what moment do you say put up or shut up?" he questioned.

The comments from the Fox anchor come just days after Sandra Smith was caught on video reacting with astonishment when a guest refused to acknowledge Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden.

The panelist, Washington DC-based lawyer Cleta Mitchell, questioned the election results, saying that "just because" the media "says that somebody's president doesn't make them president."

"I think everybody wants to know that this was done properly and legally and we can trust the results," said Mitchell.

"And I think we have to look into every one of these concerns."

While Mitchell was speaking, Smith had a look of disbelief on her face and was apparently unaware that she was being filmed.

"What? What is happening? Like, Trace, we've called it," Smith said to her colleague Trace Gallagher, who was interviewing the DC lawyer.

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