A group of friends have filmed the terrifying moment they became trapped in a flooded elevator as the water rose above their necks.

Tony Luu’s hometown of Omaha in Nebraska is among many across the US state to have been hit with flash floods due to heavy rainfall over the weekend.

He decided to go out on Saturday night (August 7) with a few of his friends to see the extent of the damage done to the area.

But his evening took a horrifying turn after he stepped into the elevator into his apartment block and pressed to go down.

Videos posted to his Instagram account show water gushing into the lift.

Within moments, it has risen up to their necks and one of his terrified friends can be heard on the phone saying: “Okay, can you please just hurry?”

Speaking to KCCI, Tony said: "Water started coming in through the vents and then I just thought it was going to come up to my ankles."

He then recalled it getting to his stomach, at which point he realised “this is real”.

Tony quickly called his roommates and 911 for help. He told ABC13: "I was like, 'Hey, you need to come down. I could be dying right now’.”

When the water continued to rise, he jumped onto the handrails to keep his head afloat.

He recalled: "Once I got down to try and open the door then it was up to my neck, yeah, it got pretty high.

"We just got it open and started swimming out and once I got out I just couldn't believe like wow this is something you see in a movie."

One of his roommates tried to open the door before emergency services eventually rescued them.

Tony's friend Daylon Guy told the Omaha World-Herald that four other people were in another lift in the same building at the time, but fortunately, no one required medical attention.

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