An OnlyFans star who funds her animal rights protests from the site is facing a fine for allegedly storming Louis Vuitton in nothing but a g-string and her own menstrual blood.

Tash Peterson was charged with disorderly conduct after she allegedly interrupted shoppers at the luxury brand’s store on Raine Square in Perth on August 21.

The 27-year-old Australian was heard yelling: 'If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser', which is a phrase she uses on captions on her Instagram.

Peterson will be going in front of Perth Magistrates Court later this month where she could be given a $6,000 fine but the potential legal action has not prompted her to stop with these protests.

The day after she stormed Louis Vuitton, Peterson was back outside the same store with a megaphone and wearing a cropped black hoodie with 'end the animal holocaust' on the front and 'if you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser' on the back.

Through the megaphone, she said: 'Who was murdered for your leather bag, down jacket and woollen jumper? If you buy animal skin, fur, wool, scales, feathers and silk, you are paying for the most horrific animal abuse on this planet,'

While speaking to Daily Mail Australia about the first protest at the store, Peterson said: ‘I think it was my most powerful disruptive protest yet.

'It's important for me to be as creative as possible so more people see my message – the moment my clothes come off, I get a lot more attention.'

The former pool lifeguard now sells topless and nude selfies on OnlyFans to fund her full-time activities and had considered joining the site for over a year.

She said: “I'd been considering Only Fans for almost a year, and I thought deeply about it and realised I'm on a mission to help animals – I'm willing to do almost anything to help them.'

Peterson's antics during protests saw her banned from every pub in Western Australia, while her other demonstrations involve her confronting customers at restaurants, supermarkets and shops over animal products.

Last Friday, she also revealed that Instagram deleted her page, Vegan Booty page, over posting photos of animal abuse as she looked to shed light on practices in the industry.

She is also founder of the Tell Them The Truth Campaign which looks to demand transparency from those making profit on animal products.

Peterson also runs her own clothing company called V-gan Clan, which features pro-animal and activist slogans in the designs.

Although her protests have made awareness, she understands the need to be careful with her demonstrations to not land herself in jail.

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In the same interview, she said: 'I don't want to have to be breaking the law, but I believe one has a moral obligation to break unjust laws.

'If I'm getting a criminal record because I'm getting my message out there, that's something I'm willing to risk.'

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