A pet owner has shared the adorable moment his dog affectionately groomed his cat best-friend before the animals shared a hug.

Footage of Duo Duo the golden retriever lovingly licking his best friend snowball surfaced online after their Chinese owner, An, shared it.

An told reporters the animals share a strong bond after they grew up together in Guangzhou, northwest of Hong Kong.

The furry friends are always by each other’s side, An said, and started uploading videos of Duo Duo and Snowball on the Chinese equivalent of TikTok last year.

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In the latest video, Duo Duo can be seen stroking Snowball with his face, before lovingly licking her head.

The cat then looks up at her big fluffy brother and rubs her head on the animal before burying herself in Duo Duo's golden coat.

Snowball and Duo Duo then share a hug, snuggling up to each other as their owner An films them for their 143,000 followers who are touched by their friendship.

A separate video of the pair shows Snowball sitting on an uncaring Duo’s head as they relax at home.

In response, one viewer said: "What a heartwarming scene.

"They must've known each other from their past life."

A second commented: "The cat looked so happy and they rely on each other.

"Wish they could always be this happy together for the rest of their lives!"

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Back in June, a video of a cute puppy attempted to take down his cat friend went viral on TikTok.

In footage seen more than 8 million times on TikTok, the dog can be seen jumping up at its owner before charging at the cat.

The pup then takes the unconventional approach of launching its entire body at it.

His feline friend clearly does not see it coming and is completely flattened by the ball of fluff.

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