Gumtree users were left baffled when they spotted a cheeky landlord trying to rent out a toilet as an office.

The Glasgow unit was advertised as a “small and compact space ideal for solo working”.

But included alongside the desk and speedy WiFi set up, squeezed right next to the drink preparation area and mini fridge, is a red-seated bog.

The ‘property’ comes with a full set-up including a medium sized window, a mini fridge, kettle, books, a desk, lamps, a chair and instant coffee, reports The Mirror.

In an attempt to sell the throne as a viable working area, the seller wrote: “It’s a nice quiet spot and was recently converted. Available from 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri and would provide keys to longer term renters.

“Located on the 1st floor of a tenement building in Partick, the space has its own private entrance.

"Included is fibre broadband connection, 2 x desks, mini fridge, toilet and sink, underfloor heating, lamps, mains supply, kettle.”

The advert was posted over a month ago without any takers – and after being contacted by news outlets, the landlord decided to delete the post.

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"Someone in Partick is renting their s***er out as an office,” one bemused Twitter user said.

Whilst another laughed: “Report to Elf and Dafty because of inability to leave desk space rapidly in case of emergencies!”

A third quipped: “Where is the shower? What about wet paperwork?

“There is a claim there waiting to happen.”

And a fourth joked: “Is the own private entrance up the drain pipe and through the window?”

But the odd listing might not be the most bizarre property up for grabs in the UK this year.

In June, a house which had astroturf fitted in nearly every room – including the loo – was put up for sale for almost £300,000.

The listing described the “deceptively spacious and versatile” property – but didn’t bother mentioning the bright green carpeting choice running throughout the home.

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