Owner left devastated after a 10-month old puppy went missing after slipping into a river at a popular walking spot in Wales.

Chase, a French Bulldog puppy, fell down the river bank at Newbridge Fields, Bridgend, before being sent underwater and carried away down the river.

The dog has been missing since the incident on October 5 as his owner Luke Buckley issues a plea to help find him.

Speaking to WalesOnline, Luke said: “With the downpours last week the ground was soft and the river had risen.

"He slipped and as he slipped he fell down the bank onto a couple of rocks. As he was getting up he slipped again and landed in the water.

"One minute I could see him, his head underwater and his legs in the air, and the next he was gone."

Luke attempted to rescue Chase but almost slipped in himself.

He ran along the riverbank to keep watch of Chase but the dog disappeared.

The fire service were called by Luke to help search but they were also unable to find the puppy.

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Luke has since been inundated with volunteers asking to help Luke with the search.

They have searched along the riverbank and nearby area on foot and with drones but Chase has still not been found.

A Facebook group has been created for volunteers to plan searches and share information.

Luke has since been back to walk through the river when the water levels had lowered but has so far been unable to find his son’s “best friend”.

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He told the group on Sunday: “I’ve been down Newbridge Fields this morning and went in the river as far as I could, unfortunately still no sign of my boy.

“The river is as it is normally but in parts still very very deep and has a strong current. I’m not the tallest (5ft 7) and I was up to my chest and it went deeper so I stopped. My advice would be NOT to go in there, but if you do decide to go in make sure you don’t go by yourself.”

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Luke and other volunteers have put up posters and asked others to share posts about Chase to local groups in a 10 mile radius.

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