Australia's deadliest snake gave a man a fright when it lunged at him while he was trying to catch it at the beach – making him shout out: "Oh s***!"

In a TikTok video uploaded by @sunnycoastsnakecatchers, Stuart McKenzie is explaining there has been a report of a "brown snake" in an area full of people.

He says: "There's a big brown snake right near one of the children's playgrounds out the front of the surf club."

The snake catcher then heads over to the beach to investigate and is directed to the place where the animal is hiding after going for a dip in the water.

"It's definitely a brown snake," he says after catching a glimpse.

The snake is lurking in a ceramic pipe that opens out onto the sandy beach but it doesn't go far up, meaning it can be trapped.

Stuart artfully hooks the snake around its coiled body and then pulls it out slightly, so he can grab onto the tail end.

"I was hoping that was the tail end," he jokes as he pulls the rest of the snake out of the hole.

The snake then lashes out with its head, making him jump backwards to get out of harm's way.

"Oh s***!" he shouts, as the angry snake darts its head around and looks for someone to attack.

He holds it at arm's length and says: "That's is a big snake, but we're good, we're good."

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Examining it closer, he explains: "That is a big brown snake, he went for a swim down here but he does not need to be here, that's for sure."

He then drops the snake into a large bag so it can be relocated somewhere further away from people, much to the relief of the spectators watching the scene.

The video has since been "liked" more than 25,000 times and hundreds of people left comments, with many complimenting Stuart's cool head and quick reflexes.

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One person said: "You're doing an awesome job catching snakes takes guys and stamina."

Another viewer quoted Stuart and said: "'I was hoping that was the tail end,' hahaha love how chill you are mate."

Although brown snakes are technically the deadliest in Australia, deaths are rare thanks to hospitals having antivenom and the means to quickly transport snakebite victims to the emergency room.

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