HER Instagram feed is full of sexy videos and skimpy selfies now – a far cry from what she's described as her "Stepford Wife" lifestyle a few years ago.

And while Louise Redknapp's social media return is said to have left her sons 'cringing', she's never looked more confident as she rediscovers her sex appeal.

The 46-year-old has looked sensational over the last two years, following her split from long-term husband Jamie, her stint on Strictly and her slow return to the limelight.

However, her two sons – Charley, 16, and Beau, 11, are reportedly less than impressed, as a source told the MailOnline: "She has spent years cooped up at home but now she's going for the real reinvention. Her sons are slightly miffed at it."

But despite her sons' apparent embarrassment, Louise has revealed she's finally embracing her love of her work – and feels she's "coming back to who I really am".

Here we look at how she's overhauled her life, and image, to embrace her sex appeal again…

'I’d become a Stepford Wife'

Louise was a poster girl in her 20s – even being voted FHM's sexiest woman of the decade in 2004 – as well as a successful singer.

She was introduced to Jamie by mutual pal and Take That star Robbie Williams, when she was in Nineties girl band, Eternal.

At the time, she was more famous than the England and Liverpool midfielder. Jamie proposed in Bermuda in 1998 and they married on the beach the same week.

However, having gone solo after leaving the band, she stalled her music dreams when she started a family with Jamie – and withdrew from the limelight considerably, embracing a quieter life.

The pair were widely thought of as one of the strongest couples in showbiz, but their partnership came under the spotlight in 2016 when Louise appeared on Strictly.

While she has long denied they fell victim to the 'Strictly curse', they split the following year – remaining close friends throughout the difficult time.

In a candid interview with Stella magazine, Louise said she had begun feeling like a "Stepford wife" and had to start putting herself first.

Louise said: "I have spent most of my life pleasing everyone else, worrying about being judged and thinking I should always do the right thing by staying at home, looking after my kids and my husband. I lost myself…

"‘I’d think of my past life as a pop star as being 'not reality'. Looking after the house and my family was my reality.

"I became a sort of Stepford Wife, wanting to be perfect at it."

How Strictly and Daisy Lowe 'put the fire back in her belly'

It marked the start of an epic comeback to the limelight for Louise, and she's credited her time on Strictly for giving her a nudge.

She told The Guardian: "Strictly put the fire back in my belly, but it didn’t break up my relationship. After 20 years of marriage, it takes a lot more than that."

During her time on the BBC contest, Louise also struck up a close friendship with Daisy Lowe.

And she told Stella mag that a turning point came when Daisy burst into her dressing room one day and told her: “Oh, my God look at your gorgeous body. You have to wear a sexy dress.”

The star admitted: “She kept on at me to wear something sexy and by week three, I was in a leotard and tights not feeling self-conscious at all.

“I could feel myself changing week by week."

“Sometimes I felt like crying because deep down inside me this voice was screaming ‘This is what I have been missing!’" she added.

She's certainly embraced the change, as her social media feed has slowly been filled with more and more sexy snaps ever since – from glam dresses right through to sexy lingerie shoots and workout videos.

However, while Daisy proved a huge support for Louise, their close friendship also sparked claims of a romance between the pair at the time – something they've strongly denied.

Daisy laughed off the suggestion in her podcast Femme, and said: “I'm aware of all the lesbian hints. It actually makes me laugh.”

She went on to question why people struggled to understand their friendship, saying: “People find it strange we are friends. Why? She's an amazing, warm, honest woman. I'm proud of her. This is what women should do, support each other.”

'I feel I’m coming back to who I really am'

Louise has previously admitted she struggled when Jamie went from being a professional footballer to a presenter on Sky Sports and panellist on TV’s A League of Their Own during their marriage.

“I was proud of him but there was part of me thinking 'that’s my world'," she said in her Stella chat. “I could see the excitement he got out of it and I knew how that felt. But it wasn’t me feeling it anymore.”

But she's now ensured her own career is at the forefront of her mind.

She said that she discussed her decision first with her sons, explaining that she would not be around as much, and they were supportive.

Louise admitted: "[After Strictly] I realised I couldn’t just go back to that [family life].

"I didn’t want to continue running around after everyone else, and occasionally promoting a yogurt or doing a little TV presenting job. I wanted to sing, I wanted to perform… And that is when the s*** hit the fan."

'Banned' from sexy music videos by sons – as she becomes Instagram star

Louise now has 715,000 Instagram followers keeping up with her regular updates, as she branches back into music, poses for a series of top style brands and advertises any number of big names.

And she wowed fans in March last year as she showed off her incredible figure in a sultry music video for comeback track Stretch – modelling a cut-out leotard and messy hair.

While the footage went down a storm with fans, unsurprisingly her sons didn't take it quite so well.

Louise said: “They made me promise I wouldn’t make any more like that. That was the only part they weren’t happy about.”

Otherwise, the lads are supportive. She added: “My son had his 15 and 16-year-old mates round and I could hear Stretch on.

"They didn’t even know I was in the house. I came downstairs and I was like, ‘Caught you!’!"

But in amongst the work, she's also taken to social media to show off her regular workout routines throughout the pandemic – with many sending fans wild as she shows off her washboard abs and incredible figure.

Bikini photos often appear too, showing just how far Louise has come from her initial days on Strictly when she was nervous to wear a sexy dress, and she's even shared sultry snaps in bed, as well as throwback snaps of photoshoots with Triumph lingerie.

Proving she's up for sharing it all with her loyal fans, she recently revealed a huge haul of X-rated presents that her friend have given her.

Among the pile of gifts pals gave the single star was a pink vibrator known as 'The Womanizer'.

However, Louise revealed last month that she hasn't been on a single date since splitting from ex-husband Jamie and said she might never fall in love again.

Either way, she's looking happy and more confident than ever – and it appears the only way is up for the stunning star.

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