A YOUNG woman has told how an obsessed OnlyFans stalker broke into her home and even ambushed her on holiday in Ibiza.

Abigail Furness, 21, was left terrified after 37-year-old Jamie Spears launched a year-long harassment campaign.

The creep spied on Abigail through her bedroom window and followed her in the street wearing disguises after becoming obsessed with her OnlyFans.

He even followed her on a trip to Ibiza and pounced as she enjoyed time at her holiday home with friends.

Abigail has now bravely spoken about her ordeal after Spears was caged for 14 months for stalking.

She said: "Jamie made my life a living hell.

“For a long time I lived in constant fear that he was watching me.

“Now that he’s finally behind bars, I can move forward with my life.”

The nightmare started in June 2020 when Abigail visited her parents in Kent for her 20th birthday.

She received visits from pals dropping off presents all day but was left baffled when a man she didn't recognise showed up with a bottle of champagne.

Abigail assumed the stranger was someone she went to school with and "reluctantly agreed" when he asked for a hug and a selfie.

But she was left horrified when she opened a card he delivered that was signed "JP Master".

The dancer said: "He was one of my subscribers on OnlyFans.

“I didn’t understand how he’d gotten my parent’s address.

“Panicked, I quickly messaged him and told him not to contact me again.

“He replied apologising and promised it wouldn’t happen again.”

Just days later, Abigail was shopping at home in Brighton with a friend when she spotted Spears on the high street.

The pair ran into a shop and hid but relentless Spears told Abigail he loved her and wanted to be with her.

Even when the cashier booted him out of the shop, Spears continued to follow Abigail until she begged a group of men to scare him away.

Abigail said: "I was petrified and felt sick.”

She tried putting the ordeal to the back of her mind and flew to Ibiza for a three month work trip with her friend later that week.

But Abigail, who worked as a dancer and fire-breather in Ibiza, was terrified when Spears messaged her two days into the trip saying he was also on the party island.

She explained: "“I was terrified.

“Eventually my friends calmed me down and convinced me to go out for drinks to take my mind off it.

“Later that night, I saw Jamie stood outside the bar we were in, looking at me from the window.

“After sneaking outside the back to go home, he followed me to my holiday house."

After following Abigail on a run and showing up to the holiday home again, Spears eventually left Ibiza when confronted by her friends.

But he ramped up his stalking campaign in September last year when Abigail returned to the UK to start her third year of university.

Chillingly, her housemates spotted Spears peeking through Abigail's bedroom window in her university home in Brighton.

The obsessed fan also began bombarding her with messages despite Abigail blocking him on Facebook, Instagram and OnlyFans.

She was left "constantly looking over my shoulder" after Spears started to follow her ever day – leaving Abigail too scared to leave the house.

The stalker even started wearing hats and disguises while following Abigail.

The final straw came in February this year when Abigail's housemates saw Spears lurking in their garden shed.

Abigail called the police and a Stalking Protection Order was made against him.

She said: "I thought it would stop him, but two weeks later I saw him in the street, hiding behind cars and following me.

“I called the police and he was arrested again.”

Spears appeared at Lewes Crown Court in April 2021 where he pleaded guilty to breaching the Stalking Protection Order.

He was handed an eight month suspended sentence but was caught stalking Abigail again just five months later.

Spears has now been jailed for 14 months after he pleaded guilty to breaching the Stalking Protection Order again this month.

Abigail said: "Now that Jamie is finally behind bars I feel safe.

“I’m working on moving forward with my life and I hope I never see him again.”

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