A WOMAN has been on a mission to find her life partner and although she's got plenty of suitors, she won't hesitate to kick them to the curb if they talk about certain topics too early in the relationship.

TikTok user Ally revealed on a video that she's "not sorry" for being picky.

In a TikTok video, Ally suggested her followers be more selective when going out with a potential partner – just like her.

"Texts from men I simply won't answer when dating," she began saying in her video.

The blonde beauty then said that if a man asked her what she was doing while they were dating, she would respond with "not you" before cutting off communication.

Another question that would get men blocked for sure was them asking what she liked to do "for fun."

Her answer consisted of saying "Work and sleep" and then ignoring their following messages.

And if the conversation turned "even remotely sexual" or if they asked her for nudes, they were definitely going to lose her.

Other women took the comment section to agree with her about these questions, with many of them slamming the "what do you do for fun" one.

One woman wrote: "That question is so played out. Can't stand it."

A second one said she "loathed" being asked about her favorite things to do while another said that there are plenty of other ways to find out a person's hobbies, like actually asking to, for example, go horse-back riding on a date.

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