La Palma: Footage shows lava pouring into swimming pool

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Dramatic footage circulating on social media shows how the torrent of lava from the La Palma’s  Cumbre Vieja volcano proved too much for a local house to bear as its sheer force brought the entire structure to the ground in a cloud of smoke.

Emergency services can be seen filming as they anticipate the inevitable before the two-storey building collapses.

Glowing mounds of lava mud are also visible in the background and appear to dwarf nearby villas as they cascade down the side of the volcano.

The lava flows are estimated to be around 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. 

Elsewhere footage shows the fiery remains of the devastation the lava rivers have caused.

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One video shows how one torrent left just a pile of rubble engulfed in fire as the lava pushes through a local town.

While one video captured the extraordinary moment lava flowed into a swimming pool causing plumes of steam and hot ash to shoot hundreds of feet into the air.

It comes as the lava flow is now making its way through the town of Todoque forcing 1300 residents to be evacuated as they will soon lose their homes.

On Monday night, a new fissure opened about 900 metres from the main one forcing more evacuations as the lava flows ramped up across the island. 

La Palma: Canary Islands volcano continues to erupt

The volcano has destroyed over 190 homes and more than 6,000 people have been evacuated from the island.

So far no fatalities have been reported.

Spanish tennis star Rafa Nadal expressed sympathy for the people whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by the volcano and pledged to help.

He tweeted: “Following the news and suffering with the terrible images of the volcano eruption on La Palma and the consequences for so many affected families.


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“We will try to contribute our grain of sand in due course.”

There are now growing concerns from experts who warn there will be a danger of acid rain falling once the lava hits the ocean. 

This is the result of a thermal shock due to the difference in temperature between the water and lava.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano has been spewing lava since Sunday.


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