Robert Irwin has won hearts with his polite gesture when a fan asked for his number in public.

The 18-year-old, son of the famous "crocodile hunter" Steve Irwin, was working at Australian Zoo and was stopped by an American tourist who boldly asked for his contact number.

Megan Grass recorded the spectacular interaction on her phone and shared it on TikTok.

In the now-viral clip, she talks to Robert behind the camera: "I think you are so cute, I was wondering if I can have your number."

The young crocodile wrangler looks up and walks towards her, saying: "Well I'm very flattered. Thank you, erm where are you visiting from?"

Megan then replies that she lives in Utah in America.

Robert smiles at her and adds: "Cool, Utah is great. I tell you what, the easiest way is usually on Instagram so that my people can monitor it and see it when it comes through because my number is getting mixed."

But his plan didn't work as Megan admitted that she had already sent him a direct message the night before to tell him that "I will be coming today".

Robert responded politely: "Oh, oh no, okay. What is your name?"

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"Megan Grass," she said before Robert told her: "Okay, I will look it up Don't worry."

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with one saying: "Protect him at all costs."

A second wrote: "He is just like his dad, so sweet and precious," and a third added: "The person who gets to spend their life with him is going to be so freaking cherished, this man clearly honours women."

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