An American travel blogger is battling for her life after her scooter crashed in Bali.

Kaitlyn McCaffery's family is pleading with Indonesian authorities to bring her back to the US for lifesaving treatment.

They have been stopped from entering the country to see her under Covid protocols.

Influencer Kaitlyn was found lying wounded by the side of the road after the horrific accident on July 31.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe to raise cash for her travel home.

The cost of transporting her back to California would be around $250k (£180k), which Kaitlyn's insurance company is refusing to provide.

Her worried family said she was saved only by the goodwill of two young men.

In the description for her crowdfunder they wrote: “Kaitlyn is currently in a coma at a hospital in Denpasar, Bali.

"She has suffered a traumatic brain injury along with multiple other serious injuries.

“Two young men found her on a remote road, alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding.

"Without their help, she surely would have died."

They added she had the full support of her friends and family.

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“It has been a challenge to communicate with the hospital staff due to the immense language barrier.

"Kaitlyn is fighting for her life!

“Thankfully, Kaitlyn has many loving friends who are by her side in Bali and are providing the family with updates around the clock. The family is doing everything they can to get to Bali."

Last year Kaitlyn and her friend Ellie launched their own business selling fair trade fashion accessories.

She has travelled to more than 50 countries as a vlogger.

An eerie recent Instagram caption showed the pair next to a motor scooter on the tropical island.

The caption read: “Off we go to work today! this is how we will get all around Bali and we absolutely love it.”

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