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There are few crime scenes in Britain quite as notorious as Fred and Rose West’s home – known as the ‘House of Horrors’.

The address, 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, was where the evil couple tortured, raped and murdered multiple women over a 20-year period.

They buried nine of their victims’ bodies in the cellar and garden of the property – including their own daughter Heather.

The couple bought the home in the 1970s after they moved to the city from nearby Cheltenham.

The layout of the house, which had a side entrance and little street lighting, meant the warped pair could get their victims inside almost undetected.

Fred had also created a ‘sex dungeon’ in the basement of the house.

Before killing their victims, they would lure them downstairs and carry out extreme acts of sexual violence and torture in the torture chamber.

Excavation work started at the property in February 1994 as part of a missing person inquiry into the disappearance of Heather in 1987, aged 16.

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A social worker had previously heard one of the couple’s children make a comment about the family joke of "Heather being under the patio”, according to GloucestershireLive.

When police searched the home, they discovered human remains.

Heather had been murdered, dismembered and buried in the back garden.

When a third thigh bone was discovered, Fred, who was being held at a police station, admitted there were further bodies buried.

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Over the following weeks, more human remains were found and victims were identified.

Along with the bodies of their victims, the couple had also buried the tools of their torture, according to the Mirror.

Forensic psychologist Dr Julian Boon said: "The thing that haunts me the most was a mask that had nothing but two nose holes so the person can breathe but they can't see or hear.

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"As a consequence they could have anything done to them and that is very frightening."

Gloucester City Council bosses demolished the house in 1996, along with the semi-detached home next door, although they decided not to change the name of the street.

The contents and the remains of the building were ground down to dust to prevent them falling into the hands of grim souvenir hunters.

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The property was replaced with a garden and footpath.

Fred West killed himself while on remand in custody in January 1995, before he could stand trial.

His wife Rose was convicted of 10 murders in November 1995 and is serving a life sentence.

Police have recently started digging up a cafe in Gloucester in the search for 15-year-old Mary Bastholm, who worked at the diner and vanished in 1968. She is feared to have been killed by West.

Their victims included Anne McFall, as well as eight-year-old Charmaine West, Fred’s daughter with his ex-wife.

They also killed lodger Lynda Gough, Fred’s ex Rena West, their own daughter Heather West, and Carol Ann Cooper who they abducted.

Students Lucy Partington and Therese Siegenthaler, both 21, 15-year-old Shirley Hubbard and Juanita Mott, 18, were murdered by the couple too.

Shirley Robinson, 18, and Alison Chambers, 16, were also murdered by them.

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