Russia has ‘no say' if Ukraine joins NATO says Stoltenberg in June

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Since Saturday, ’state-owned Russian gas supplier Gazprom has not been delivering gas to Germany through its Yamal pipeline via Poland. And since Sunday, Putin’s gas giant has only been transporting half as much gas through Ukraine to Austria and southern Germany.

The situation is becoming more and more critical for German and other European consumers, with a lack of supplies pushing up prices.

The gas price crisis is fast becoming a major challenge for the European Union.

As a cold winter approaches, the handling of the situation is being seen as a “litmus test” for Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen.

Russia has in the past denied manipulating supplies, stating that it has always honoured contractual agreements and quotas.

Now, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been urged to sort out Britain’s energy crisis before having to rely on Russia.

One reader, cbickers, wrote: “I know, let’s rely on our gas supply from our worst enemy.

“No it won’t be a security risk.

“Idiot leaders, absolute idiots.”

Decaston added: “We need to become self-sufficient in energy or we leave ourselves open to threats, from Macron and Putin, it is within the bounds of possibility, that could become short of energy and divert supply to itself.

“We should put the Boris vanity projects on hold and start gas and oil exploration and get more energy supplies sorted.

“It’s national defence!”

Another reader, derekhough1952, commented: “The EU really has no cards to play.

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“It makes a lot of empty noise.”

Others urged Britain to become more self-sufficient when it comes to energy.

Do da wrote: “I hope this highlights the importance of how much the UK needs to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy.”

Cabbage in chief hiden Biden echoed: “At the end of the day it’s Russian gas, they don’t have to sell it to anyone they don’t want to.

“This why the UK needs to get energy independent ASAP.

“Not that unreliable expensive renewable garbage.

“Reopen those coal mines, start cracking, drilling and building nuclear power plants.”

Ron from York added: “This just underlines the folly of relying on foreign energy suppliers.

“Wake up Johnson and make the UK self-sufficient.”

Thor’s Hammer wrote: “Putin turned off the gas supply 24 hours ago and the Germans have not noticed anything yet.

“It now remains to be seen whether Putin still wants to be paid for ‘undelivered’ gas.”

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