A new Kickstarter has launched and it's a must-see for anyone who's a fan of board games and a dog lover.

Dog Park is a board game that is perfect for curling up with in autumn and enjoying with your family and as the name suggests, it's all about our furry friends.

The makers of the game are currently looking for backers and have launched a Kickstarter for people to help fund the game.

Kickstarter is an online platform that helps developing and start-up companies fund their projects. Companies would pitch their idea onto the platform and set a goal in terms of how much money they would need to for the project to work.

Any number of things are put forward on the website from clothing items and reusable cups to apps and board games.

Members of the public can choose to back a project and if it reaches its funding goal, the thing – in this case, a game – is made and backers receive a copy.

So what's Dog Park all about? In a nutshell, it's a game for one to four people where players take on the role of dog walkers – recruiting, walking and caring for their pups.

In each round players must journey through the dog park collecting resources, earning a reputation and interacting with fellow walkers.

The aim of the game is to become 'the most accomplished walker of them all'.

Talking to TeamDogs, the developers revealed that the game was – unsurprisingly – created by a bunch of dog lovers with the game's illustrators, Holly Exley and Kate Avery, both owning two dogs a piece.

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The game includes 221 breeds of dog, so there may even be a few new faces for even the most knowledgeable pup fans out there.

Lead designer, Lottie Hazell, said: "Researching the dogs was one of my favourite parts of developing the game and in Dog Park I've tailored each dog's ability and preferences according to its character.

"I certainly have a soft spot for the Affenpinscher, who I was unfamiliar with before Dog Park. And I'm obsessed with the fact that Great Swiss Mountain Dogs were originally used to pull milk carts to cheese factories.

"I can now recite over 200 dog facts – it's my new party trick."

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Talking about the inspiration behind the game, the initial idea came while walking a dog.

Lottie said: "It was the joyful daily routine of walking my springer spaniel, Rupert, that inspired Dog Park.

"Every day I would challenge myself to guess the other dog breeds we saw on our walk and I took such pleasure in seeing and learning about all the different dogs.

"I wanted to recreate that experience for people playing board games and in Dog Park you are surrounded with all the breeds of dog you could imagine."

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