KIM Jong-un says North Korea is in the "final stage" of developing a terrifying hypersonic missile capable of destroying multiple US cities.

The dictator unveiled research into "perfecting the guidance technology for multi-warhead rockets" to the Eighth Party Congress, as he prepares to invigorate its arsenal with deadly long-range missiles.

At the meeting with the ruling Workers Party, they pledged to begin major expansion of their nuclear capabilities, rigorous research into military technology and the production of a military reconnaissance satellite.

The announcement coincides with Joe Biden preparing to take office and Kim seems keen to apply pressure to the future administration, stating: "Whoever takes office in the U.S., its basic nature and hostile policy will never change."

Biden has previously branded The Supreme Leader a "thug" and criticised his historical summits with President Trump.

The grand plans are feared to be the "magic sword" needed to shatter America's Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)-lead "invincible shield", Daily NK reports.

It comes just days after Kim Jong-un referred to the United States as his country's "arch-enemy" and the "fundamental obstacle to our revolutionary development".

The bold declaration just over a week before Biden's inauguration has raised concerns over the dictators intentions behind spearheading the development of the missiles.

He told the Eighth Congress: "the efforts will focus on overpowering and bringing them to their knees," as the relationship between the countries remains highly volatile.

A single ballistic missile can carry a single warhead – yet Kim's creation will be able to direct multiple warheads, at multiple different targets.

After gaining the ability to strike the US with a large nuclear weapon in late 2017, North Korea paused the development of its nuclear and missile programmes.

Able to travel at 4,000 miles per hour, hypersonic missiles can in theory obliterate any place on earth within three hours. 

Unlike standard ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles don’t have a simple trajectory and as a result could transform future warfare.

The country is currently believed to have enough material to build 45 nukes capable of wiping Japan off the map, according to top scientist Dr Siegfried Hecker.

Kim Jong-un also discussed other sophisticated weapons systems under development, such as underwater-launched nuclear missiles, spy satellites, and multi-warhead missiles.

The new intercontinental ballistic missiles were unveiled at the Party Foundation Day military parade in October that could carry two warheads – now North Korea plans to increase it to four.

According to Daily NK, the country has not yet secured the correct technology for the hypersonic missiles, which require attaching Post Boost Vehicles, allowing them to follow separate routes.

The new submarine-launched ballistic missiles were revealed in the same parade, which currently can carry four warheads – though North Korea want to increase it to eight.

In his report, Kim explained that the Central Committee had steamed ahead on plans to develop “a nuclear-powered submarine and an underwater-launch nuclear strategic weapon which will be of great importance in raising (North Korea’s) long-range nuclear striking capability.”

The KCNA report also said that the design of the new nuclear-powered submarine was researched and in the stages of final examination.

A source told Daily NK: “Internally, people are saying that since the nukes are completed, lots of Workers’ Party money will go into hypersonic rockets. 

North Korean authorities reportedly believe hypersonic missiles, with their high speed, ability to fly at low altitudes could prove a “game changer” that will “shake up” world military order. 

“The general view is that they will pour all their resources into preparing for the distant future.”

North Korean authorities have been conducting basic research on hypersonic missiles since the successful test launch of the Hwasong-15 ICBM in 2017, NK Daily reports. 

North Korea's Ministry of Social Security has put in place a “security network” to guard the centre’s premises.

Kim Jong-un spoke for nine hours during the Eighth Party Congress, the first in five years.

It is the Workers Party's top decision making body, which faces a mounting list of problems including a fragile economy, U.S led sanctions and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

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