Larimer Square is getting a new cocktail bar, and the same owner has taken over American Bonded, just a mile away in RiNo.

Pouring With Heart hospitality group, which got started in 2002 and also has bars in Texas and Denver, plans to open Emerald Eye, a “dark tropical” cocktail bar, at 1403 Larimer St., previously home to Disco Pig and the Crimson Room before that, this spring.

“Our growth is about building bars, reviving bars and keeping bars part of the community, and as Larimer Square is evolving, we wanted to make sure there was still something for Denver locals there, stadium attendees, and all that alike to enjoy,” said Peter Stanislaus, Pouring With Heart’s chief development officer. “We want to fill out a market and not just have one-offs, so our people can grow throughout the company.”

The hospitality group first expanded to Denver with the opening of Seven Grand in the Dairy Block in 2017. While searching for more opportunities to expand in the market, the group sought help from American Bonded co-owner Justin Anthony.

Anthony and co-owner Lisa Vedovelli weren’t looking to sell at the time, but when they saw the employment opportunities the group had to offer and the mission of keeping bars in business, they decided it might be the right time to bow out.

“I had some guilt around the fact that I wasn’t able to give the bar staff the same time and energy that they needed, and it helped that Pouring With Heart wanted to keep American Bonded the same and asked thoughtful questions,” Anthony said. “I love that they’re so focused on promoting people within. Every part of their crew used to be a barback. It’s not some cold, corporate arm. It’s a bunch of people truly from the industry, and that just resonated with me, and I felt like that bar was in good hands.”

Anthony and Vedovelli, along with former partner Sean Kenyon of Williams & Graham opened American Bonded at 2706 Larimer St. in 2018. Kenyon stepped down from the business last year to focus on other opportunities, but Anthony and Vedovelli still own the real estate.

Pouring With Heart bought American Bonded at the start of the year and has temporarily closed it to retrain staff, simplify the cocktail menu a bit and bring on a new food partner for the kitchen, which Stanislaus was not quite ready to announce.

“American Bonded is a successful bar, and it will remain American Bonded,” Stanislaus said. “We’ll just continue to carry on the torch to keep a bit of that Denver that everyone knows and loves and keep things local, rather than shifting to big-box.”

Stanislaus added that the hospitality group will reopen American Bonded under its ownership at the end of January.

Like American Bonded, Larimer Square landlord Asana Partners approached Pouring With Heart for the opportunity to open a concept within Larimer Square.

“I hope we can bring a little bit of the old Larimer Square in with the new changes,” Stanislaus said.

Emerald Eye  will serve a modern, “dark tropical” take on classic cocktails, including a rum old fashioned or rum punch, Stanislaus said. The group is transforming the dark former Disco Pig space with emerald and jewel tones, floral wall coverings and brand new lounge booths. There will be DJs playing Caribbean and Latin-inspired music on the weekends, plus a dancefloor to enjoy it.

“Our focus is usually on neighborhood bars, so we’re excited for this opportunity to do something slightly more creative that focuses on the quality of the cocktails and the experience of the service,” Stanislaus said. “But we’re still going to be approachable and a place you can bring your Midwesterner dad, who just wants a bottled beer.”

In addition to Pouring With Heart’s Denver bars, the hospitality group owns 19 bars in California, including the original Seven Grand in L.A. and Caña Rum Bar, plus six bar ventures in Austin, Texas, like Las Perlas and Half Step.

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