A TERRORIST spent seven months buying deadly bomb parts before blowing himself up outside a hospital in Liverpool, police said today.

Emad Al Swealmeen jumped in a cab with a homemade bomb and asked to be taken to Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday.

Seconds after pulling up outside, the car exploded in a fireball as driver Dave Perry miraculously managed to escape.

Al Swealmeen, 32, was trapped inside the inferno and declared dead at the scene.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed today his cause of death was due to "injuries sustained from the fire and explosion".

The force also revealed a next of kin for the terrorist has come forward to confirm Al Swealmeen was born in Iraq.

Officers are now investigating "episodes of mental illness" he suffered and said Al Swealman bought "relevant purchases" in the months since April.

A number of "significant items" were found at an address he rented in Rutland Avenue.

Officers are yet to find a motive for the blast and it is still not clear whether he was part of a terror cell.

They have appealed for anyone who knows the terrorist to come forward to help them "piece together the events leading up to this incident and the reasons for it".

The force added: "The investigation into the terrorist incident at Liverpool Women's Hospital on Sunday 14 November continues.

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"The taxi in which the device exploded has now been removed and today line searches by specialist officers will take place at the Hospital which could go into tomorrow.

"A complex picture is emerging over the purchases of the component parts of the device, we know that Al Swealmeen rented the property from April this year and we believe relevant purchases have been made at least since that time.

"At this time we are not finding any link to others in the Merseyside area of concern but this remains a fast moving investigation and as more becomes known we cannot rule out action against others."

It comes as Mr Perry revealed the car-mad terrorist only spoke two words during their seven minute trip: "Women's hospital".

Al Swealmeen is understood to have moved to the UK seven years ago.

After his asylum claim was rejected, he is said to have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act for brandishing a knife near Liverpool city centre.


Friends claimed the F1 fan changed his name to Enzo Almeni in honour of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari – hoping it would seem more Western and help his bid to stay.

In 2017, he converted to Christianity at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral and lived with devoted Christians Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchott.

That same year, he lost his final asylum appeal, but was not deported.

Last night Home Secretary Priti Patel said the case was an example of Britain's broken asylum system.

She said: “It’s a complete merry-go-round and it has been exploited.

"A whole sort of professional legal services industry has based itself on rights of appeal, going to the courts day-in day-out at the expense of the taxpayers through legal aid. That is effectively what we need to change.”

Four men arrested for terror offences following the blast have been released without charge.

Anyone with information can police on 0161 856 1027 quoting Liverpool Women's Hospital incident.

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