Race for wife! Heartwarming moment first-time London Marathon runner proposes to his shocked girlfriend on the finish line – after carrying the ring and banner around the whole course

  • Kieran Watt, 33, of Epsom, proposed to Kayleigh Byrne, 32, at end of 26-mile run
  • Video shows him unfurling a sign asking the question before revealing a ring box
  • Kieran trained for just 11 weeks but completed the feat in three hours 57 minutes 
  • The happy couple have been together for 11 years and share three children

This is the heartwarming moment a London Marathon runner proposed to his long-term girlfriend the moment he crossed the finish line on Sunday. 

In a video shared online, Kieran Watt, 33, of Stoneleigh, Epsom, in Surrey, can be seen holding up a banner asking: ‘Kayleigh, will you marry me?’ as he comes to the end of the 26-mile race through the capital. 

Family and friends can be heard cheering as they encircle the couple while his now-fiancee Kayleigh Byrne, 32, appears shocked with her hands covering her face. 

The clip shows Kieran, who works as a mortgage consultant at Watt Mortgage, pull out a ring box from his bumbag as he gets down on one knee. 

The moment Kieran Watt, 33, unfurls his ‘Will you marry me?’ banner for girlfriend Kayleigh Byrne, 33, after completing the London Marathon

In a video, admin manager Kayleigh says yes and the couple, from Stoneleigh, Epsom, in Surrey, embrace and kiss as their loved ones clap and cheer

‘I still can’t get over it’ said Kayleigh, pictured embracing her new fiance Kieran following his proposal 

Amid the excitement, the ring falls out of the box and onto the ground but he quickly picks it back up and asks Kayleigh: ‘Will you marry me?’ 

The admin manager, also at Watt Mortgage, says yes and the couple embrace and kiss as their loved ones clap and cheer. 

Kayleigh told Mail Online today: ‘I still can’t get over it, I can’t believe it happened, it was a total shock.

‘All our families are over the moon and they are so happy, we are just so excited.

‘It was all very surreal, in the video you can hear someone screaming because they saw the sign Kieran held up first and they all gathered round me and told me to go to him, I had no idea what was happening.’  

The couple have been together 11 years and share three children.  

Kieran told Mail Online: ‘I had been planning to propose for well over a year, but trying to find the right moment amid Covid was difficult. 

‘I started training for the marathon in July and in my head I was picturing the idea of proposing to her at the end of the race, I wanted to make it as special as possible.

‘For her she was probably thinking “about time!”‘ 

Kayleigh hugs a relative amid happy tears following her engagement to Kieran on Sunday 

‘I had to secretly wear two bumbags, one to carry the sign and one to carry the ring, luckily it wasn’t too obvious.’ 

The 26.2-mile slog was Kieran’s first ever marathon, which he completed in three hours and 57 minutes. 

He added: ‘It was such a brilliant experience, around the two-hour mark it can get soul destroying but the cheering crowds and scenery made it much easier.

‘Also the thought of proposing massively helped me, and I met a running partner at the start of the race who promised to stay with me to make sure I made it to the end to meet Kayleigh.’ 

Kieran’s mother Dee Watt added: ‘We had no idea he was going to propose!’

Kieran had been training for the marathon for 11 weeks as he was a late entry.

He raised £2,812 for Cancer Research UK.  

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