Angela Merkel says she will ‘miss Emmanuel Macron’

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Mr Macron’s interview was broadcast across two channels on Wednesday but just nine percent of the population watched the interview in its entirety, polling has found. In a further blow to Mr Macron’s popularity, 16 percent admitted they only saw part of it. According to the data from Odoxa Backbone Consulting poll conducted for Le Figaro, just 37 percent of French people found Mr Macron convincing during the interview.

Only 50 percent found the current President clear and believed he had direction as he outlined his future goals.

On July 12 and November 9, Mr Macron gave two Covid updates which were watched by 71 and 64 percent of the public, respectively.

Commenting on the ratings from the long interview, Emile Leclerc, the institute’s director of studies for Odoxa said: “These are very low indicators compared to the usual standards.

“The lowest level recorded.”

Mr Leclerc also said 6 out of 10 people think the current President’s image is bad.

He said: “In our political barometer carried out a week earlier, 44% of them described him as a ‘good president’.

“Not only has he not improved the proportion of French people who judge him positively, but he has worsened it.”

Following the interview, his competitors were quick to criticise the current President.

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Jean-Luc Melenchon, who was part of the La France Insoumise group in the National Assembly from 2017 to 2021, said: “A self-centred speech without fervour.

“Without a word on the ongoing disaster in the French overseas territories.

“Without a serious word on the ecological and social crises.”

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally party, claimed the interview had been a two-hour-long advert.

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She also said the “I’ve changed trick”, will not fool the French public.

Despite their criticism, in Politico’s poll tracker, Mr Macron still remains in the lead with 24 percent as of December 15.

Ms Le Pen and Mr Melenchon stand at 16 and 10 percent respectively.

Republican candidate, Valerie Pecresse, however, has surged in the polls since she was declared as candidate and is now at 17 percent.

During his interview, Mr Macron claimed he had made mistakes over his four-and-a-half years in office.

He also vowed to pursue the economic reform he began in 2017 and defended his record over the pandemic.

The Survey was conducted among a sample of French people interviewed by internet on 16 December 2021. Sample of 1,005 French people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega. 

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