Bizarre moment McDonald’s staff refuse to serve TikTok star a slice of real cheese with his McPlant burger – even in a separate box – over fears they could get ‘fired’ because it ‘goes against the whole vegan thing’

  • TikToker Louis Wright, 25, was denied real cheese with his vegan McPlant burger
  • He could buy a single slice on the side but the manager said it could get him fired
  • The manager said he wouldn’t sell the slice as ‘you’re gonna’ put it in the burger’
  • But Mr Wright retorted: ‘I could go home and put a brick and bite it’

A TikTok star was left bewildered after a McDonald’s drive-thru refused to serve him a vegan McPlant burger with real cheese even after offering to buy a slice in a separate box.

Vegetarian Louis Wright, 25, asked for the plant-based burger, but with ‘normal cheese instead of vegan cheese’ – which he says ‘tastes like rubber’ in Poole on Sunday evening. 

But the worker denied his request over the speaker saying: ‘We can’t do that as it goes against the whole vegan thing.’ 

Louis compromised by asking for a McPlant with no cheese and a separate cheeseburger holding everything – meaning he would have a cheese slice to put on the vegan burger – and was allowed this option at the drive-thru. 

However, this was also refused later by a worker who came to his car and said he could get ‘fired’ if put they put the slice in as it ‘goes against the whole vegan thing’. 

Vegetarian Louis Wright, 25, asked if he could buy a cheeseburger on the side with everything but the cheese slice removed along with his vegan cheese-free burger.

McDonald’s launched the plant-based vegan McPlant burger (pictured) in the UK September last year – but vegetarian Louis Wright complains the vegan cheese ‘tastes like rubber’

On TikTok, he said I’ve got a burger with no cheese and said he ‘wanted to be a man who eats cheese’ 

Louis compromised by asking for a McPlant with no cheese and asked: ‘Could I just have a slice of cheese separately?’

‘Yeah that’s fine,’ the worker replied.

However, when a worker then came to his car window she said: ‘You can’t do that I’m afraid because it’s a vegan product.’

He said he would be willing to buy a cheese slice in a separate box and pay for a £1.19 cheeseburger.

‘I’m having the McPlant, no cheese. Then I’ll have a cheeseburger with nothing except for the cheese in a box.

‘I’ll pay full cheeseburger price I just want a cheeseburger, no bun, no nothing except for just the cheese.’

The manager of the restaurant then went to Louis’ car and continued to deny him the cheese slice.

‘I’m not going to sell it to you because you’re gonna’ put it in the burger,’ the manager told Louis.

Louis said: ‘I’m allowed to do that, that’s not for you to say whether I can put the cheese in my burger or not.’

‘You can complain to our head office and they will tell you the same thing – that you can’t put normal cheese in the burger,’ the manager said.

Louis responded: ‘Okay, I’m not going to do that I’m just want a piece of cheese separately.’

The manager said: ‘If you put it in there and plaster it all over social media, “look what we’ve done”, it’s me that gets fired.’

‘I could go home and put a brick in it and bite it and say, “Look I found a brick in my burger”, that’s completely up to me to do.

‘I just want a slice of cheese, dude.’

‘It’s our rules I’m afraid,’ the manager said. ‘Not knowing it’s a piece of cheese to go in the burger.

‘I’ve got a wife and kids – I’m not getting fired over a slice of cheese.’

Mr Wright, who is also a musician, told MailOnline he filmed his encounter after being denied a slice of cheese at the same location the day before, after getting the train home from London

Mr Wright also purchased cheese bites in the same order without any difficulty.

The social media star told MailOnline that the McDonald’s location had ‘let us have cheese in the McPlant in the past’.

He criticised the manager, saying that once he had decided he wasn’t allowed a cheese slice, he wasn’t going to change his mind. ‘It was a pride thing,’ he said.

He filmed the bizarre exchange, which he dubbed ‘McSaga’, and it has been viewed over 10 million times on TikTok.

Mr Wright then followed up on Tuesday where he filmed himself at another McDonald’s location, Wessex Gate, also in Poole.

The worker behind the speaker was much more cooperative, saying: ‘I’ve seen the video. I’m going to do everything in my power [to do it for you].”

He happily served up the McPlant with no cheese and separate cheese slice in a box.

He joked he was just chasing his dream and said: ‘I wanted to be a man who eats cheese.’

The McPlant was launched in September last year and is an entirely vegan burger made from plant-based ingredients.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: ‘We apologise that the customer was disappointed with their experience on this occasion.

‘Our McPlant is a Vegan Certified product. And we understand that the team member was following our advice to restaurants which is not to customise the product with non-vegan ingredients to protect its integrity.

‘However we accept that the guidance may have been misinterpreted on this occasion and the restaurant team have been made aware.

‘We’d encourage the customer to contact our customer services who will be able to help find a resolution.’

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