Meghan Markle appeared “at ease” on the Ellen show, emphasising her “humble upbringing”, a royal expert has claimed.

An interview between chat show host Ellen and Meghan was broadcast in the US last night (November 18), after teaser clips had been released earlier in the week.

In one teaser, the Duchess of Sussex had claimed that she used to travel to auditions during her life as an actress in a battered old car before she met Prince Harry.

It has been a tumultuous time for Meghan, who apologised after admittting that she knew her ex-aide was in contact with the authors of the ‘Finding Freedom’ book.

However, recording the Palace Confidential podcast shortly before the programme had been aired in its entirety, the panel suggested that Meghan appeared confident and self-assured.

Highlighting Meghan’s emphasis of her supposedly humble upbringing, host Jo Elvin suggested: “I think when you’re a royal, you don’t have those stories to tell, but she seemed to me so much more at ease in this interview.”

Royal writer Victoria Murphy agreed, noting: “I think they now do have more freedom to speak about what they want to do.

“I think if she was a working royal she would still have been able to tell these stories and there would have been the same amount of interest, but I certainly think that you can tell that she feels more in control now and more relaxed.”

Before she met her future royal husband, the Duchess had starred in Suits, and the Mail’s diarist Richard Eden pointed out that this might have contributed to Meghan’s comfortable appearance on a talk show sofa.

“It did seem like a real return to showbiz, I felt. Talking about how she’d audition for things and very much about her and her story,” he suggested.

“I do think it ties in with the political stuff that we’ve talked about before; that she’s telling that backstory about how she’s worked her way up and she’s not just that grand princess.”

Since they stepped down from royal duties in March 2020, Meghan and Harry have been free to establish their own enterprises.

As well as signing up as an ‘impact partner’ at a sustainable investment firm, Meghan has raised controversy by writing a letter calling for paid parental leave across the US.

And, although now disengaged from the royal institution, some commentators claimed that the former actress had used her royal title “out of context” to play a role in politics.

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