Meghan Markle had previously been warned by a Royal Correspondent "not to be too celebrity" as the "public don't like it" and should be careful juggling her fame and her role as a senior royal, it has been revealed.

Jennie Bond, a former Royal Correspondent at the BBC, had heeded words of advice to the Duchess of Sussex, particularly about her "massively extravagant spending".

According to the Daily Mirror, Bond appeared to be aware of how Meghan’s spending habits would translate to the public.

Speaking to Yahoo!Life in 2019, she warned the mum-of-two over what she described as her "massively extravagant" spending.

She said: "What I think that Meghan has to be careful of is that she’s so, pretty much A-list celebrity as well as senior royal.

"I am getting the feeling that the public don’t like her terrifically spending huge quantities of money.

"Being extravagant, massively extravagant, she can afford it, she is a wealthy woman, but it doesn’t play very well, so I think she needs to just watch that."

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At the time of the interview, Meghan's designer wardrobe was reported to be worth more than half a million pounds.

And further reports at the time criticised that the Duchess' royal wardrobe during the three-day tour of Monaco was estimated to be worth £110,000.

In the same interview, Bond added: "I think I’d ask Meghan, suggest to her that she tries not to play any games with the press.

"Try not to be too celebrity, because that doesn’t go down well with the public, and to try to ignore the fact that she’s getting quite a lot of flack from various directions."

Last week, royal expert Katie Nicholl, from Vanity Fair, accused Meghan and Harry of not being "in touch" with their audience by wearing couture clothing.

During last month’s trip to New York, the couple visited children at a school in Harlem, where Meghan read them her children's book, The Bench.

During the visit, she wore a vivid burgundy Loro Piana cashmere coat, which is thought to cost around £4,282, and matching wide-leg trousers, which are reportedly priced at £1,235.

Katie Nicholl, speaking on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat said this did not "make any sense".

She said: "Turning up at an underprivileged school in Harlem in a couture coat that costs more than the combined incomes of most of those parents at the school – it doesn’t make any sense."

The Daily Star has approached the Duchess for comment.

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