It is “notable” that Meghan Markle hasn’t returned to the UK as she “may sense she’s not the most popular person with the public”, a royal commentator has claimed.

After leaving the UK with her husband Prince Harry in early 2020, Meghan hasn’t yet returned for a public visit. This is despite Harry making the trip to unveil a statue commemorating his late mother Princess Diana in the summer.

This summer, the Queen will celebrate her Jubilee anniversary on the throne, and with plans for the long bank holiday weekend now accelerating, there has been speculation over whether the Sussexes will visit the UK to mark the occasion.

Speaking on the Royally Us podcast, royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti suggested that the Duchess of Sussex may not return because of fears about her popularity with the public.

The podcast’s host Christina Garibaldi asked Jonathan whether the Jubilee celebrations will be the first time that Harry and Meghan return to the UK together, and suggested it might be a possibility for the Queen to meet her great-granddaughter Lilibet.

“Well that could be the case,” Jonathan replied. “I have heard some rumours that maybe Prince Harry will come back without Meghan.

“It is notable that she hasn’t been back during those visits he’s made. She hasn’t really been back to the UK, as far as I know, since they left.

“She may sense that she’s not the most popular person here with the public.

“So it might be that they’ll find a reason for her not to come. It could be the children, it could be that they just don’t want to steal the focus away from those celebrations and the Queen.”

The festivities are set to take place over an extended bank holiday weekend from June 2nd to June 5th, marking the Queen reaching 70 years of service.

But despite the plans taking place across the country and near Buckingham Palace, Jonathan acknowledged that regardless of their decision, speculation would continue to focus on the Sussexes.

“Whatever they do, unfortunately for them and for the Royal Family, it will steal some focus because if she doesn’t come everyone will be talking about that, if she does come everyone will be talking about that.

“So whatever happens I think there’s going to be plenty of discussion of how their relationship is with the Queen and the wider Royal Family.”

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