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Alerts have been issued for the Midlands, the South West, North West, South East, London, East Midlands and the West Midlands.

Thunderstorms are likely to occur in these areas, according to the Met Office.

The forecaster says driving conditions “are likely to be affected”.

This is due to the possibility of hail and gusty winds.

Meanwhile, “some flooding of a few homes and business” is “likely”, it warns.

Delays to train services are also described as “likely”, as is short-term loss of power in areas.

The Met Office warned: “Thunderstorms are likely to develop across parts of southwest England and Wales during Monday afternoon and become more organised through the evening.

“Lines of thunderstorms are expected to then move north during the early hours of Tuesday and gradually weaken as they clear into northern England before dawn.

“Whilst some places will see little or no rainfall, a few locations may see torrential rain with 20-30 mm falling in one hour and 50-80 mm in 3 hours.

“Additional hazards accompanying stronger thunderstorms include frequent lightning, hail and gusty winds, particularly during the evening period.”


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