A MUM whose three-year-old son was crushed to death by a car seat will walk free in just weeks despite going AWOL while out on licence.

Adrian Hoare was jailed for two years and nine months in May 2019 after being found guilty of child cruelty by putting her son Alfie Lamb in harm's way when placing him into the footwell of an Audi in 2018.

The hairdresser, then 24, was also convicted for assaulting Emilie Williams, who was in the car when Alfie was fatally hurt, and admitted plotting to pervert the course of justice in the wake of her son's death.

Her boyfriend Stephen Waterson, from Croydon, the adopted son of former Government Minister Nigel Waterson, was jailed for seven and a half years for manslaughter, plotting to pervert the course of justice and intimidating a witness after admitting squashing Alfie by reversing his car seat into him.

Hoare, from Kent, was initially freed from jail early in October 2019 but her licence was revoked just three months later after she "placed herself in a risky situation and had then lost touch with the probation service", the Parole Board said.

She then remained "unlawfully at large" until she was taken back into custody in May 2020.

The Parole Board, which considers whether criminals who are recalled to prison can be re-released as part of its work, decided she is not yet suitable to be freed again.

However, she will be able to walk free within months because her sentence expires in July.

A document setting out the Parole Board's decision, issued on Wednesday, said: "After considering the circumstances of her offending, the progress made while in custody and on licence, and the other evidence presented at the hearings and in the dossier, the panel was not satisfied that Ms Hoare was suitable for release."

At the time of her offending, she was described as making "poor decisions and acting impulsively at times".

The board also said: "She had been in relationships where she had been easily led and controlled or manipulated.

"She had shown some aggression and even violence.

"Ms Hoare had misused illicit drugs and had mixed with like-minded, anti-social people."

While the Parole Board was told of some progress she had made to address her behaviour, for example taking part in counselling, "there were concerns about how open Ms Hoare might be with her supervising team".

"She was considered to show insufficient self-awareness or insight and to lack adequate self-control," it added.

Hoare's mum and little Alfie's grandmother said in 2019 that she will never forgive her daughter for her part his death – and that she should rot in jail.

Janis Templeton-Hoare also claimed her daughter was neglectful and lost interest in her son when he became a toddler.

She told the Daily Mirror: "My attitude is a life for a life. If you take a life, you give your life.

"It doesn’t matter who. It really seems she’s done that and she’s out in a few months and it just seems a shame that little man’s not here no more and she’s got the rest of her life to live."

Alfie, Hoare and Waterson were all on their way back to Croydon after a shopping trip to Sutton on February 1, 2018, when Alfie fell ill.

He was sitting at his mum’s feet in the rear footwell of Waterson’s Audi he reversed his seat into him.

Alfie, nicknamed "Little Tarzan" by the defendants, died from crush asphyxia three days later.

He was just 3ft and weighed two-and-a-half stone when he was killed.


On February 1, 2018, Alfie's mum Adrian Hoare, 24, and her boyfriend Stephen Waterson – the adopted the son of former conservative MP Nigel Waterson – went shopping for cushions in Sutton, South London.

They were accompanied by Alfie, Emilie Williams, 19, Marcus Lamb, 22, and another young child.

CCTV footage showed Alfie running to keep up with his mum moments before he was put in the car for the journey back to Croydon, South London.

Waterson had become annoyed at Alfie's crying and twice moved his front passenger seat into him as he sat at his mother's feet.

The maximum space in the footwell was 30cm, and, at the touch of a button, that could be reduced to just 9.5cm.

Terrified Alfie screamed for his "mummy" but Hoare just slapped him and told him to "shut up".

Waterson then said "I'm not being told what to do by a three-year-old" before slamming the chair back again.

By the time they arrived home, the boy had collapsed and stopped breathing.

Both Waterson and Hoare cooked up a web of lies to cover their tracks after Alfie's death – with Waterson threatening to "get rid" of anyone who revealed the truth.

But Hoare eventually broke her silence and told her half sister Ashleigh Jeffrey what happened in a taped conversation handed to cops.

Janis said at the time she believed her daughter had a lack of remorse for her actions that led to the toddler’s death.

She said: "The way she’s coming across is that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

"I speak to her every day and she is having counselling but she still hasn’t reached a point where she can accept her part in his death."

Breaking down in tears, Janis also told the Sun Online: "I will always feel hatred towards her for what she’s done.

"She has taken everything from me. Alfie was my life. Adrian has literally broken me.

"I feel like I’m serving a life sentence because I’ve got to live with the torture of not having Alfie."

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