North Korean residents have been left concerned over Kim Jong-un's "significant" weight loss.

Pyongyang's state-run television recently aired interviews with residents who voiced their concerns over the slimmer-looking Kim amid recent speculation of his massive weight loss.

"The people were most heartbroken to see the respected General Secretary looking thinner," a North Korean resident said during an interview with Korean Central Television on Friday.

"Everyone is saying that they are moved to tears," the resident said.

Reports have come following analysis of Kim Jong-Un's wristwatch. The strap appears to be fastened tighter than normal during a politburo session of the ruling party earlier this month making reporters and residents concerned over his possible emaciated appearance.

The unification ministry has confirmed it is keeping an eye on Kim's health but has nothing to say about any unusual signs regarding his weight loss.

The country's leader had not been seen publicly in almost a month as residents began to speculate. There is also a keen eye being kept on the health of Kim Jong-Un due to the uncertainty surrounding his successor.

Concerns over Kim's health have been a subject of concern since last year when he didn't appear publicly for a major national celebration for his late grandfather, North Korea’s founding leader.

Since then, the leader has been absent for extended amounts of time, with him often being away from public appearances, increasing speculation around his health and what could happen if he were to fall seriously ill.

The North Korean leader has come under consistent scrutiny since he came into power as Supreme Leader of the country in 2011.

Kim has imposed a number of strict laws across his country, particularly the laws surrounding travel, with most residents being restricted from travelling across the country, and rarely being allowed to leave the country.

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