Peloton says a child has been killed after an ‘incident’ on its Tread+ treadmill as it urges customers to read safety warnings

  • CEO John Foley wrote a letter to customers about accident involving Tread+ that resulted in a child’s death 
  • Foley, is also a co-founder of Peloton, mentioned there have been multiple incidents where children were hurt 
  • He shared the company’s safety warnings, including keeping children and pets away from treadmill, and taking safety key out after workout  

A child has been killed in an accident involving Peloton’s $4,300 Tread+ treadmill, according to a letter that was sent by the company’s CEO to its customers. 

‘I’m reaching out to you today because I recently learned about a tragic accident involving a child and the Tread+, resulting in, unthinkably, a death,’ wrote Peloton CEO John Foley.

The letter was addressed to owners of Tread+ and was shared on Thursday on Pelo Buddy, which bills itself as a site dedicated to ‘unofficial tips, tricks & guide to your new Peloton!’

A child has been killed in an accident involving Peloton’s Tread+ treadmill

Peloton co-founded and CEO John Foley shared news of the fatality in a letter addressed to owners of Tread+

‘While we are aware of only a small handful of incidents involving the Tread+ where children have been hurt, each one is devastating to all of us at Peloton, and our hearts go out to the families involved,’ Foley wrote.

Foley, who is also a co-founder of Peloton, went on to share the company’s standard safety warnings, among them keeping children and pets away from exercise equipment at all times, and removing the safety key from the treadmill at the end of a workout. 

‘We design and build all of our products with safety in mind,’ Foley stated. ‘But in order to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help. This is especially true during what I hope is the final stretch of the pandemic where everyone is still at home.’ 

Shares of the company fell 2.9 per cent to $104.73 in afternoon trade. 

Foley speaks on stage during ‘Peloton Gears Up’ at Vanity Fair’s 6th Annual New Establishment Summit in Beverly Hills in October 2019

Peloton, whose high-priced stationary exercise bike has gained a cult following since the company’s launch in 2012, unveiled the Peloton Tread in 2018, and then introduced the upgraded model Tread+ last fall.  

Last October, Peloton issued a voluntary recall on pedals for 27,000 of its bikes after consumers reported pedals breaking off and causing more than a dozen injuries, including some that required stitches.  

Peloton bikes range in price from $1,895 to $2,495, and the treadmills cost from $2,495 for the basic model to $4,295 for Tread+. 

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