RIOTERS hurled garbage cans at police officers, while a cop car was set ablaze as riots, which left 30 officers injured, broke out across Philadelphia.

The violence and looting came in response to police fatally shooting a knife-wielding black man, 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr, on Monday afternoon.

Shocking video footage shows demonstrators hurling garbage and garbage cans at officers in riot gear holding up a line of shields.

Another video appears to show a rioter raiding a police vehicle, while more captured footage shows a police vehicle on fire.

Police confirmed that at least 30 officers were injured in the night of unrest, including one female officer who was hit by a truck and sustained a broken leg.

Rioters looted several stores and at least one restaurant, and police said that more than 30 people were arrested for throwing bricks or rocks at officers or looting.

The unrest was initially concentrated in the commercial corridors or West Philadelphia, but later spread to other parts of the city, according to local reports.

Wallace was fatally shot by police in Cobbs Creek, a neighborhood in West Philadelphia, around 4pm Monday.

His family said that he had mental health issues, and he was filmed holding a knife and chasing after two police officers.

Footage, filmed by a local man, shows Wallace going after the officers, who back away with their guns drawn and tell him to drop the blade.

After Wallace refused, both officers fired their weapons.

He was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Wallace's father, Walter Wallace Snr, told reporters that his son was shot 10 times, though a police spokesperson said it's unclear how many times the man was shot at this time.

Police said that body camera footage is being reviewed and promised a full investigation.

In the video footage of the shooting, the man filming can be heard saying, "You really had to give him that many f**king shots?"

Witnesses are demanding answers about why police chose to use lethal force against Wallace. His mother was reportedly trying to diffuse the situation before it escalated.

Wallace's death comes just months after police in Minneapolis were filmed killing an unarmed black man, George Floyd.

Floyd's death led to a renewed focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, and months of police brutality protests across the US.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and District Attorney Larry Krasner all confirmed that Wallace's death is being investigated.

The shooting sparked protests in the streets near where he was shot before hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Malcolm X Park in the city center chanting "Black Lives Matter" at around 6.30pm.

The protesters then advanced towards a police station at 55th and Pine Streets while shouting "Say his name. Walter Wallace."

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