Turkish Airlines cabin crew involved in altercation with passenger

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A Turkish Airlines flight to Jakarta was forced to divert to another airport to land early after a passenger got into a fight with flight attendants and had to be restrained. According to local reports, the man – who is a pilot for another carrier – was intoxicated and bit a steward’s finger.

The airline reportedly said that their employee’s actions were in no way a reflection of the company’s values.

The man is thought to have been drunk on the Boeing 777, and was warned to calm himself down by flight attendants.

However, this is said to have only antagonised him further and he then bit the finger of one of the members of staff on board.

Footage posted online of the incident shows a man throwing punches at a flight attendant holding plastic handcuffs.

He then attempts to tackle the man, as shocked passengers look on. Other flight attendants then move in to help.

Flight trackers show that the plane – which was due to arrive in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, on Tuesday at 5pm local time – instead turned around above Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to land at Kualanamu International Airport, Medan.

After the man who was said to have caused the altercation was subdued and escorted off the plane, it was able to depart again, arriving at its original destination at around 8pm local time.

A spokesperson for the Jakarta Metro Police said: “Because of the ruckus on the plane, Turkish Airlines dropped the Indonesian passenger who was injured at Kualanamu Airport, Medan.

“The Indonesian citizen who was suspected of being drunk is undergoing treatment at Kualanamu Health Clinic.”

The man – who was identified by authorities as an Indonesian citizen – suffered injuries, local police said.

Another local outlet, KabarPenumpang, said that the incident was now being investigated by the Deli Serdang Police, which operates in the Medan region.

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Officer Polres Kombes Pol Irsan Sinuhaji said: “We are investigating, [still] coordinating with the airport authorities.”

It said that the man could now face a year’s imprisonment or a fine of 100million Indonesian Rupiah – equivalent to approximately £5,785.

Disorderly behaviour is unfortunately not uncommon on flights.

Earlier in the month, it was reported that a man caused a commotion after taking magic mushrooms on a United Airlines flight on October 4.

Cherruy Sevilla allegedly “yelled, exhibited disturbing/uncontrolled behaviour, and assaulted at least two individuals” during the flight to West Virginia.

He is said to have later confessed to taking the drug to FBI agents who stopped him at Dulles Airport, where the plane landed.

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