Franciszek Sterczewski seen running from guards on Polish TV show

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Polish MP Franek Sterczewski has been filmed making a break across the Belarusian border in order to deliver food and water to stranded migrants. Belarus’s authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko has bussed thousands of migrants to the border with Poland where they are forced to cross at gunpoint before being intercepted by Polish forces leading to a stalemate. This stand-off was broken briefly as Mr Sterzewski made a dash across the frontier before being caught.

Video released by the Polish satirist program Szkło Kontaktowe, ‘contact lense’ in English, shows the MP eluding guards as he makes an amazing run across a field.

At one point a pursuing soldier trips and falls leading to jeers from onlookers.

Mr Sterczewski can be seen holding a blue plastic bag, reportedly carrying food and water for migrants stranded at the crossing.

He makes his way past numerous guards before tripping up and being detained by officers.



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