Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are loving their new life as a family-of-four but are finding it "challenging" to find that illusive work-life balance.

Meghan's makeup artist and friend Daniel Martin recently revealed that the Sussex's had "struck a rhythm as a foursome."

39-year-old Meghan as recently been lobbying the US Congress in an attempt to introduce paid family leave for Americans.

Speaking to People magazine, Daniel said: "It's about finding that work-life balance now. They're experiencing it themselves."

Harry and Meghan welcomed daughter Lilibet in June and have been on parental leave since.

The couple also have a son Archie who is two-years-old.

Harry and Meghan live in a $14 million mansion in California after quitting the royal family.

Back in March, Prince Harry revealed he had taken on a corporate role for a Silicon Valley start up as their "chief impact officer."

The salary for this job is unknown, however its believed similar positions are offered a six or seven figure salary.

The pair have a number of huge deals including a Netflix contract which insiders claim could be worth a massive £100 million, several book deals worth up to £29 million and a £18 million Spotify deal.

Currently, their Spotify deal is under question as so far the couple have only produce 35 minutes of content.

Despite the mega deals, the Duchess's makeup artist said the couple were "funny" when he saw them in November to do Meghan's makeup for the gala at the Intrepid Museum.

Daniel said: "Harry jokes around a lot, and Meghan is really funny. It was nice to have those belly laughs again!

"They are loving life as a family of four. They've struck a rhythm as a foursome.

"It's about finding that work-life balance now, which ties into Meghan lobbying for parental paid leave. They're experiencing it themselves. They know it affects everyone in the family."

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