A psychic medium says she's been speaking to ghosts via Skype video calls during Covid lockdown.

Mary Theresa, 61, claimed she can still communicate with evil spirits while working remotely.

The former nurse explained she "gets a feel" for phantasms by having her clients walking her around their homes while on the video calls.

Mary, of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, told the Daily Star: "The clearings I've been doing are all remotely done.

"I'm basically the clean up squad. Part of the people who go in and get rid of dark energy.

"I had to do it on Skype because unless I saw what was going on it would have been pointless.

"I use the same techniques as if I was doing one to one over the phone."

She explained: "I use the (smartphone) camera and walk. Ask them to hold the camera in certain places for me so I can clear the energy.

"I'm a medium, that's what I do, I talk to living souls.

"They can hear me because I'm talking to them, because they are telepathic as well.

"I can see them there because I'm clairvoyant to work that way.

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"It takes as long as it needs. It depends on the size of the house because the energy needs to be cleared from every room. It could be longer than an hour.

"They have to have certain stuff in place for me to do the clearings."

Mary, who has worked 28 years as a "light worker" medium, admitted she has knocked her prices down to £45 as remote clearings weren't as good as the real thing.

She said: "If I was working one to one it would be a bit more. I charge less because I'm doing it remotely.

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"People can call me and say we've got something going in the house or around this person.

"So I will go into people's houses, sense what energy is going on with the help of spirits and angels.

"To do it remotely – it's the second time I've done it – I know what's going on, I've heard what's gone on.

"I work with the spirit world. When people become mediumistic they have a certain gift any way they have feelings about things, they are very intuitive."

Although she works with Christian prayers, she explained what she does is technically not an exorcism as she is not a member of the Church.

She explained that she only moves spirits on rather than "getting rid" of them as in exorcisms.

Mary said she asked her clients to use holy water, burn certain resins, and open "spirit traps" in their homes for her clearings.

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