Russia: Apartment block hit by missile in Belgorod

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Vladimir Putin was left reeling after Ukraine’s army launched a series of deadly strikes that wreaked carnage in Russia’s Belgorod region. An ammunition warehouse and a power substation were just some of a targets during a two-day assault on Russian critical infrastructure in the area, which borders Ukraine. The attacks come just days after Putin’s decision to bomb Ukrainian cities with cruise missiles and kamikaze drones that left many dead and injured.

On Thursday, an ammunition depot in a village in the Belgorod region was blown up.

Residents reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing flames and smoke spiralling upwards into the night’s sky.

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the region’s governor, confirmed that the munitions warehouse had been destroyed.

He wrote on his Telegram channel: “A detonation occurred. According to preliminary reports no-one has been killed or injured.

“Residents have been evacuated to a safe distance. The head of the municipality Vladimir Pertsev and emergency services are currently at the scene.”

The following day a heat and power plant in Belgorod was struck by a missile.

In a video shot by residents close to the 110Kw substation, a rocket can be heard screeching through the darkness, followed by a loud bang.

A fire immediately engulfs the substation, lighting up the pitch black darkness.

On the same day, a Rosgvardia (National Guard) base in the village of Oktyabrsky was hit by artillery shells.

Several guardsmen were killed and 14 others received injuries of varying severity as a result of the bombardment.

According to reports, the shells were fired from the village of Kazachya Lopan, located two kilometres across the border in Ukraine.

Video images of the aftermath of the attack show the barracks reduced to rubble.

Further attacks were reported throughout Thursday and Friday, as Ukraine appeared to intensify its military activities in the area.

A quadcopter dropped explosives near the border village of Staroselye on Thursday morning.

In the afternoon, two IEDS discharged from a drone fell near the village of Krasny Khutor, according to the Baza Telegram channel.

No deaths or injuries were reported as a result of the aerial attacks.

Friday saw Ukraine mark its first Defenders Day since Russia invaded the country in February.


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In a televised speech to commemorate the occasion, Ukraine’s President said the country was “stronger than ever” and would emerge victorious.

Volodymyr Zelensky said: “On October 14 we express our gratitude … gratitude to everyone who fought for Ukraine in the past, and to everyone who is fighting for it now; to all who won then, and to everyone who will definitely win now.”

Commenting on the support Kyiv has received from the West, he continued: “The world is with us, more than ever.

“This makes us stronger than ever in history.”

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