A record-breaking daredevil has braved the terrifying Nemesis rollercoaster 64 times in six hours – despite suffering from vertigo.

Thrill-seeker l Shawn Sanbrooke has broken the world record for rollercoaster riding after taming the Alton Towers ride which has 3.5 G-force.

And the previous record was set by none other than Shawn himself. The 29-year-old managed to complete 63 laps of the 32m high ride in Stoke-on-Trent in 2019.

Shawn knew he could beat his own crazy record and the intrepid Staffordshire vlogger took advantage of the park being quiet when it reopened, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

He managed to complete 64 laps this time, in just six hours, but admitted he felt like he’d been on ‘a very heavy night out’ when he returned home. What’s even more remarkable is that Shawn actually suffers from vertigo – an inner ear problem which causes extreme dizziness.

He said: “It’s arguably one of the most intense rides in the country now. It’s no easy feat. It’s strange, I actually have a medical condition that stops me from driving. I have dizziness, I have vertigo.

“Everyone always thinks that I’m nuts for going on rollercoasters, but it doesn’t make those symptoms any worse.

“When people come off rollercoasters and say they’ve got a headache or they feel a bit dizzy, I already feel that way. I don’t know if that helps.

“As soon as I got home and lay in bed I felt as though I’d been on a very heavy night out. I was spinning, I was dizzy, but I managed to beat the record.”

Shawn has a season pass for Alton Towers, which has ten main rollercoasters including the Nemesis, an inverted coaster that has a drop speed of 50mph. Riders experience approximately 3.5 times the force of gravity on the one-minute, 20-second ride.

“It was torrential rain. I was the only person not wearing a poncho because if I left the queue to go and buy a poncho then I would have wasted laps. I didn’t have any food, I didn’t stop for any dinner, didn’t stop for any toilet breaks.

“I was on Nemesis, coming out walking back around, and going back on from 10am until 4pm when the park closed.”

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