A futuristic 'mind-reading' robot has been unveiled in China — and scientists claim it is '96% accurate' at reading human brain waves.

Scientists testing the brand new wearable technology found that volunteers could use a robot to make the human grab a tool without saying anything or making any physical gestures.

The headgear uses a 'non-invasive' brain wave detector and arm sensors in order to make commands, which are sent to an attachment on the user's arm.

Delighted researchers said that the robot showed it was able to follow the commands "almost instantly", and it is being claimed that these collaborative robots or 'cobots' could mark a technological breakthrough.

The device, which scans a user's brainwaves and muscle activity, has been designed by the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Centre at China Three Gorges University.

Reflecting on the findings in academic journal China Mechanical Engineering., Project lead scientist Dong Yuanfa wrote on the possibilities that robots could create an industry as "assembly work accounts for 45% of the total workload, and 20-30% of the total production cost".

Dong said his robot was put through “hundreds of hours of training” by volunteers, which included assembly line workers carefully putting together a product.

The headgear reportedly followed commands of the workers 70% of the time but did need volunteers to “concentrate very hard” for the brain message to be read.

Many of them grew too distracted due to the repetitive nature of the thoughts.

The paper noted that further tests would be needed to establish whether the technology could be used in an actual factory, as all tests so far had been conducted in a lab.

The Chinese government recently outlined their ambitions to become a global hub for robotics innovation by 2025 as part of their goals to be a world leader in “smart manufacturing”.

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