EXCLUSIVE: ‘He’s getting away with it.’ Ron Jeremy accuser who claimed ex-porn star ‘tried to force her to touch his genitals’ says he should ‘pay for his crimes’ despite being declared mentally unfit to stand trial on 30 counts of sexual abuse

  • Charity Carson-Hawke, 47, of Tampa, Florida, claimed her former friend and porn star Ron Jeremy sexually assaulted her at a West Hollywood hotel in May 2020 
  • Jeremy, 69, was facing trial on 30 counts of sexual abuse but is now expected to be declared mentally unfit after being diagnosed with severe dementia 
  • Carson-Hawke, who was set to be a key witness in his criminal trial, says she believes he should be convicted and go to prison despite his medical condition
  • She told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview: ‘I wanted to face him in court. Now that’s never going to happen, and I’m never going to get closure’

An alleged victim of sexual assault by Ron Jeremy says she is ‘devastated’ that he has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial.

Charity Carson-Hawke, 47, says that in May 2020 Jeremy, 69, pinned her against a hotel bathroom wall, grabbed her breasts, and tried to force her to touch his penis.

Last week prosecutors announced the former porn star had been diagnosed with ‘severe dementia’ and would be sent to a state hospital instead of facing the more than 30 counts of sexual assault of 20 women with which he was charged in 2021.

‘He followed me around and knew who I was and knew what he did. So I feel like he’s getting away with it,’ Carson-Hawke told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview.

‘I wanted to face him in court. Now that’s never going to happen, and I’m never going to get closure.’

Charity Carson-Hawke, who was once considered former porn star Ron Jeremy a close friend, believes he is now ‘getting away’ with his alleged sexual assault crimes after he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial  last week. The two are pictured together right in an old photo

The 47-year-old property manager from Tampa, Florida accused Jeremy of sexually assaulting her at a hotel in May 2020. They are pictured together at the hotel on the day of the alleged attack 

The Florida property manager, who had been close friends with Jeremy since 1996, reported him to police two years ago, sparking the investigation and arrest that prompted dozens of other women to come forward to law enforcement.

She also sued the ex porn actor in civil court, a case which Jeremy’s lawyers agreed to settle this month for a ‘substantial’ undisclosed sum, believed to be over $1million.

Carson-Hawke was set to be a key witness in the criminal trial, as she told DailyMail.com last year that Jeremy had confessed to his alleged attempted rape on the phone to her while detectives recorded the conversation.

‘After I finished my case, I just basically walked away. I changed my number. I got married on Friday. I’m trying to rebuild my life. And then I hear about this and it’s devastating,’ she said.

‘I’ve been waiting to have closure and I don’t feel like I have any closure now. No one’s going to get closure. He’s getting away with what he did.

‘He’s a good actor. That’s what he does, he gets away with everything.’

Jeremy (pictured in court in June 2020) allegedly restrained some of the women and raped or sodomized them – and had sex with others who were sleeping or unconscious, at parties, adult film conventions, and movie sets. He faces allegations from 21 different women – including a girl who was 15. But now he will most likely not stand trial because of his ‘severe dementia’

Ron Jeremy pictured in 1988. He is being held on a $6.6million bail at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles County since his arrest in June 2020

Carson-Hawke said LA prosecutor Paul Thompson had told her Jeremy will be officially determined incapable of standing trial on January 17th and will then be committed to a state-run hospital.

But she said she feels he should be convicted and go to prison, despite his medical condition.

‘I think if they did the crime, they’ve gotta pay for the time,’ she said. ‘He’s better off dead.

‘It’s not just me as one victim, there are many, many others,’ she added. ‘How are they going to live their lives? It’s just not fair.

‘I know Ron very well, I think he’s one of the smartest men on earth. And I think he played his game pretty well.’

Jeremy has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and denied all wrongdoing.

The LA Times reported an email from Thompson described the agreement between doctors hired by the defense and prosecution on Jeremy’s mental status.

‘As a result of the agreement of the experts, the defendant will be declared incompetent to stand trial … his prognosis for improvement is not good,’ Thompson wrote.

‘If he does not improve, we will not be able to try him for his crimes. Because criminal proceedings are suspended as long as he is incompetent, we also cannot get a guilty plea from him or discuss other measures to get justice for the victims in this case.’

In an interview with DailyMail.com last year, Hawke, said she and Jeremy had been hanging out at a West Hollywood hotel when he suddenly ‘got really aggressive’ with her. He is pictured biting on Hawke’s leg on the day of the alleged incident 

Hawke was in Los Angeles visiting a friend when Jeremy invited her to a party at the Highland Gardens Hotel. It was there that he ‘pounced’ on her, after a few hours of hanging out, she claimed

Hawke told DailyMail.com she never imagined Jeremy ‘would try that with me, a friend of his of 25 years’ 

A spokesman for the DA said: ‘Although his attorney expressed some concern for his declining faculties, we believed him to be competent at the time of filing based upon interviews we conducted with him, among other reasons.

‘We had no records at time of filing indicating that he had a dementia diagnosis.’

Last year, Carson-Hawke told DailyMail.com about Jeremy’s alleged attack on her.

She said she was in California visiting a friend in May 2020 when the ex-porn star invited her to a party at a West Hollywood hotel he was staying in – despite owning an apartment across the street.

After a few hours hanging out at the Highland Gardens Hotel, Jeremy pounced, she claimed.

Hawke said she and Jeremy were best friends for 25 years, but now regrets ever meeting him

‘Ron asked me, ‘Charity, come here. I want to show you something.’ I didn’t even think anything of it because we’ve always been friends, and I’d always trusted him. I went to the bathroom.

‘That’s when he slammed the door and pinned me up against the wall, got really aggressive with me.’

Hawke said she fought fiercely and shouted for help while he groped her breasts and tried to force her to touch his penis.

‘The five to seven minutes that I was struggling in the bathroom with him, I felt powerless,’ she said. ‘He tried with all his power to rape me that day. 

‘If it wasn’t for me being so flexible, I wouldn’t have gotten away.

‘I couldn’t believe what he was trying to do to me; that he would try that with me, a friend of his 25 years.’

Eventually Carson-Hawke mustered up the courage to call the LA District Attorney’s office.

When a detective assigned to investigate found out Jeremy was trying to contact Hawke, he suggested she call him with police listening in, to see if he would admit to the alleged assault.

‘He kept calling me. I think he was trying to shut me up,’ Carson-Hawke said. ‘I didn’t want to call Ron. I never want to speak to him ever again.

‘But I did wind up calling Ron with the detective on the other line.

‘I reiterated the scene in the bathroom. He admitted to everything. He just started laughing like it was no big deal, saying, ‘you know you wanted it’ and very rude and inconsiderate remarks.

‘My very last words to him were ‘You’re a fat, lying psycho’. Then I hung the phone up.’

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