Rubbish spilling out of a state house in West Auckland is blocking a footpath and one nearby resident says it’s become a health and safety hazard.

“I saw one woman pushing a pram having to go onto the busy road to get around the waste, it’s just a matter of time until someone gets hurt,” Christine McKeen told the Herald.

The Kāinga Ora house was located on Universal Drive in Henderson.

McKeen said she complained to Auckland Council early this year and they orginially told her the tenant had been told they had two weeks to get rid of the waste or they would be taken to court.

“But nearly a month later and there was even more rubbish there than before.”

The Herald visited the property and found a broken machine, old tyres, sheets of corrugated iron and a rotten trailer spilling out onto the footpath.

“Neighbours said he’s even asking people to drop off their rubbish,” McKeen said.

An email from an Auckland Council representative to McKeen last Thursday said: “Housing New Zealand should take responsibility, speak to their tenant and ask him to keep the area clean and tidy.”

However, an Auckland Council spokeswoman said: “Illegal dumping is a priority for Auckland Council, and we have had to remove items such as scrap metal and old vehicles from the berm to make sure the public space is safe.

“Because of the on-going nature of the dumping, we are working closely with the landlord, Kāinga Ora.”

Taina Jones, Kainga Ora regional director North and West, said her team was working as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.

“We acknowledge the impact on neighbours and appreciate their patience. We also appreciate the willingness of Auckland Council to support us in solving the matter,” Jones said.

She said it was evident there was a large rubbish storage and collection issue which spoke to the wider implication of the ability of the household to live well at present.

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