Vashon Flowers, 46, is charged with open murder following the death of Jamie Thomas-Flowers, 50 on May 19.

Prosecutors say Flowers kicked down the door to their home in Michigan, US, around 6.30am before shooting Thomas-Flowers four times in the torso at close range.

During a preliminary examination at a Michigan courtroom, the victim’s son London Thomas, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He was filmed charging at the suspect in the dock but was taken down by more than six officers before managing to reach Flowers.

Courtroom attendees pleaded with the man to stop and calm down.

Thomas was arrested following the brief scuffle and was brought before Muskegon County District Judge Raymond Kostrzewa on Tuesday morning.

Matt Roberts, chief trial attorney for the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office said Kostrzewa held Thomas in civil contempt of court and barred him from any future proceedings in the judge’s courtroom.

Prosecutors say the murder suspect shot his wife four times after kicking the house down.

The sentencing sparked supporters of the Cornelius family to cheer, applaud and taunt the murderers as they were lead out of the courtroom.

Supporters of the Cornelius family cheered, applauded and taunted as the murderers were lead out of the courtroom. 

And weeks ago, laughter was heard from the dock in a courtroom as CCTV of a nightclub crash which broke a victim’s spine was played.

The suspects crashed a BMW into an innocent reveller outside a Teesside nightclub in February of last year.


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