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A personal trainer from Kent appearing on Channel 4's Party Island: Summer in Zante has lamented his 'Love Island looks' and said they hinder his chances of getting women.

Kristian, 23, featured on the popular holiday documentary and was followed by cameras as he and his two friends patrolled the island's strip of nightclubs and bars.

Standing well over 6ft ad heavily tattooed and manicured, Kristian looks to all the world like a confident male model – the sort who would feel at home on a reality TV set.

However, in a candid interview, he revealed that this wasn't the case at all and that his natural shyness often held him back with the opposite sex.

He said: "My look deffo makes me stand out for better or worse, we haven't decided yet.

"My image means a lot to me because back at school people used to take the mickey out of me for the way I looked.

"The perception of me now is probably the complete other ends of the spectrum.

"You’d probably look at me and think I should be on Love Island or Geordie Shore. We get that every time we go out.

"But I can assure you I’m definitely not like that."

While Kristian and his mates drank at a bar on the side of the road he confessed to feeling like a 'Love Island b*****d' for where they were sitting.

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He confessed this insecurity often led to problems, saying: "I’m definitely a lot shyer than people imagine. It doesn’t help when I’m talking to girls.

"They assume I’ll behave in a certain sort of way and when they realise I’m not like that it puts them off a bit.

"When I’m in situations where I’m forced to come out of my shell I thrive."

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