'Sickening' moment female teaching aide straddles student's lap in classroom

A female teaching aide was branded ‘sickening’ after a video of her sitting on a male student’s lap to use her computer emerged.

The unidentified woman, who has been suspended from her job, was filmed straddling the youngster in a classroom at Granger High School in West Valley City, Utah, earlier this month.

He appeared unperturbed by her inappropriate behavior, and even offered her chips from the bag he was eating.

Another student who was not identified was among those appalled by the display, and told KUTV: ‘I don’t think she was innocent at all doing it.

‘It’s just very disruptive, and how can she even do that?

‘It’s very sickening.’

A spokesman for Granite School District, which includes Granger High, said an investigation has been launched to decide whether the aide’s behavior violated school policy, and whether it is worthy of being passed on to police.

The spokesman said: ‘This employee is an hourly aide who works with students in our credit recovery program (assisting the teacher who oversees this program).

‘She has been employed at the school since the beginning of the school year.

‘We appreciate the parent who initially reported the video to our school administration on Friday.

‘The employee has not been to work since it was reported.

‘The video speaks for itself and we anticipate taking appropriate action as soon as our investigation is complete.’

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