A team of lifeboat volunteers have rescued a terrified dog after it got swept several hundred yards out to sea from the shore.

Footage taken by the rescuers at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) shows the team rushing against the clock to the location in East Worthing on Tuesday afternoon, November 10.

Roxy, the black Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is seen desperately paddling in the water after getting stranded in the sea.

She starts swimming around the lifeboat as the volunteers slow down the speed boat and try to pull alongside the dog.

Seconds later, Roxy is lifted out of the water and gets on board before they take her back to the owner, who is waiting at the beach.

A spokesperson for Shoreham RNLI said: "Watch our inshore lifeboat crew rescue Roxy the Staffie dog who got into trouble in the water at East Worthing this afternoon (November 10).

"Luckily her owner who had gone into the water after her managed to get out ok.

"If your pet gets into difficulty in the water always call 999 for the coastguard."

In August, the charity rescued a springer spaniel who went into the water to chase after a flock of seagulls in Rhyl, North Wales.

The daft dog got carried away by the sight and didn't turn back, causing the worried owner to call RNLI for help.

A hilarious clip posted by the rescuers showed a crew member shouting at the pooch: "Come here! What are you doing?"

The dog was pulled up to the boat and sent back to his owner safely.

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