The Scrooge who stole the GRINCH at Christmas! Thief is caught on CCTV walking off with homemade 7ft festive mannequin from outside family home

  • The thief stole the Grinch  from the family’s home in Cannock, Staffordshire
  • Kealeigh Hall, 30, says her three-year-old son Carter, has been left heartbroken
  • She has shared the video on social media in a bid to track down the thief 

 A real-life Scrooge was caught on CCTV, stealing a 7ft Grinch mannequin from outside family home.

Three-year-old Carter Hall, who lives at the address with parents Kealeigh Hall, 30, and husband Jon, 31, was left heartbroken after the brazen thief walked off with the homemade festive decoration on Monday, December 14.

His parents were watching TV when the callous crook swiped the homemade Christmas decoration from their home at Cannock, Staffordshire.

The shocking footage shows the hooded thief brazenly walking up to the 7ft model on their doorstep before hauling it under his arm and running away from the property.

The 7ft Grinch was stolen outside the family’s home in Cannock, Staffordshire on Monday

Mrs Hall said her young son Carter has been left devastated by the theft and she has now shared the footage on social media in a bid to track down the offender.

The mother-of-one had purchased a £40 shop mannequin online before padding it out with stuffing and dressing it up in a £30 Grinch costume for her son to enjoy. 

HR manager Kealeigh said: ‘We were just watching TV before getting Carter ready for bed when a neighbour came over and told us someone had stolen our Grinch.

‘I thought she must be joking at first but then we saw it had gone from our doorstep. We watched back the footage and couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

‘He has just walked up while all our Christmas lights were still on and swiped it. He was hardly under the cover of darkness, we were clearly still up.

‘Carter has been left really upset. I made it especially for him and he loved it. He is old enough to understand somebody has taken it.

The hooded thief can be seen walking up to the 7ft model on the family’s doorstep

‘He keeps asking where it is and has he got lost? He says he wants to find Grinch because he’s out there lost.

‘It breaks your heart to see him like this. He just doesn’t understand where it’s gone, it’s so sad. Its not of great value, but its the sentiment more than anything.

‘The irony is not lost on us that a real-life Grinch has come to take our Grinch – I just don’t understand why somebody would do this.

‘What are they going to do with a massive model of the Grinch? It just beggars belief what people will steal these days.’

The couple have also contacted Staffordshire Police while the CCTV footage has been shared and viewed over 13,000 times on Facebook.

Kealeigh, who is six months pregnant, added: ‘The response on social media has been incredible.

Kealeigh Hall says her three-year-old son Carter has been heartbroken Grinch is lost

‘Other kids in the neighbourhood loved it as well, so the local community had really got behind it.

‘But we’ve heard nothing so I’ve contacted the police today to see if they can help find our Grinch.

‘We believe there was two of them, the one you can see in the footage and a getaway driver. Its hardly the crime of the century but we want him back.

‘It’s not a case of the Grinch who stole Christmas – but who stole our Grinch?’

Gas engineer Jon added: ‘We just couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched back the footage. Who stoops that low to steal family Christmas decorations?

He can be seen approaching the homemade Christmas decoration

‘Carter was gutted. Its his first Christmas where he is really excited for Santa and now he’s really upset.

‘He isn’t stupid. I told him Grinch has gone to help Santa but he knew a naughty man had come and stolen it.

‘They were in and out in a flash. Our neighbour told us pretty quickly and I ran down the road as somebody said there was a silver BMW parked up randomly.

‘But they were long gone. We just want it back because my wife spent a lot of time and effort making that for our son.

He quickly grabs the Grinch mannequin and places it under his arm

‘She is expecting our second child the start of March and doesn’t need this stress really – but we’re determined not to let it ruin Christmas.’

Posting the footage online, the couple wrote: ‘STOLEN at 8.53pm our Christmas grinch, it’s not of great value but we have a very upset little child, please share and let me know if you have any information.

‘Vehicle believed to be BMW 1 series in silver/grey with dark windows.’

The footage of the theft from outside their home on Lakeside Boulevard attracted dozens of comments from outraged web users.

He then walks off with the model, leaving a three-year-old boy devastated his Grinch is lost

Rachel Ball wrote: ‘People really will just steal everything they can. It just makes you sick to your stomach.’

Kay Kendall said: ‘Ffs! What’s wrong with people!! Poor Carter, it’s horrible to think he’s got to try and understand there are such horrible people in the world when he’s such an innocent child.’

Ellen Simms added:: ‘This is awful, my boys love looking at him every day on way to and from school.’

Claire Cook wrote: ‘There are some horrible people in the world.

‘Hope you find it soon. Love pulling out my street and seeing your decorations and my husband was raving to his mom about your Grinch.

‘Didn’t realise it was home made, it’s amazing.’ 

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