These couples’ matching tatts will make you cringe

GETTING a tattoo is a permanent decision most don't make lightly.

But some couples made the leap to etch their declarations of undying love onto their bodies forever.

From the cheesy to the to cringey and bizarre, these couples' matching tattoos are INK-redibly embarrassing.

Scroll through the unconventional matching tattoos that these couples opted for.

If your luck in love hasn't worked out, these tattoos will surely make you feel better.

Served with extra cheese!

A Michelange-LOW

Shell regret that

So bad it's so good?

Cringe Cupid

Donut know what I'd dough without you

Everlasting Love

Pulp Friction

Winner of a No Belle prize

Whale you be mine?

A-corny joke

A love to weather any storm

Kiss my Hass!

Love Don't Cost a String

Fruity for each other


Taking the Mickey


Lighthouse guide the way

Good console-ation

A couple of sea-bras

Getting foxy


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