A topless Extinction Rebellion protester has vowed to help others switch to a vegan diet as she starts a new Instagram account.

Laura Amherst, from Brighton, East Sussex, became known for her topless protesting after stripping off in front of police at a climate change protest last year.

The activist is now looking to help those this Veganuary to change their lifestyle to adopt a more “cruelty free diet” on a new social media account, which features more everyday photos of Laura.

She posted: “Since being vegan I must have saved over 1000+ animals lives. Our environment cannot sustain 7 billion meat eaters. Since being vegan my skin cleared up, I lost weight, more energy!

“I’m now lean and shapely but not too skinny. I consciously eat more fruits and veggies too. I snack on healthy proteins and fats. Vegan food can be just as yummy as meat based foods. Vegan is the future for conscious individuals.

“No longer do we have to cling to tradition when it damages the planet and is cruel, any traditional dish can be made vegan.”

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It is not known how many have reached out to Laura since the post but she has offered to give tips and advice to those interested.

She also confirmed that it has been seven years since she quit eating meat and taking up a vegan lifestyle, which also includes skin and beauty products.

Previously, Laura would post racy snaps in lingerie and swimwear to promote her OnlyFans account.

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She boasted last year that she made £10,000 a month on the subscription site and donates the money to charity.

Speaking last year, Laura told the Daily Star: "I shouldn't be demonised for it [for taking her top off].

"I make around £10,000 a month on OnlyFans and that goes to charity.

"More girls should try it if they feel comfortable doing so. There's no point feeling you're being forced.”

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Laura used her social media platform to talk about climate change and last year “vowed” to go on a hunger strike until Boris Johnson gave in to Extinction Rebellion’s demands.

The mum-of-one also set her sights on becoming the first-ever topless PM when she spoke of her interest in taking over from Boris.

She told the Star: “I would love to be Prime Minister. I'd love to do it topless, it would certainly be a different look!”

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