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London's iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has a long and proud history – but not everyone thinks this year's offering succeeds in living up to it.

Every year since 1947, a 20 metre tall tree gets shipped from Oslo to London as a sign of gratitude for Britain's support during World War II.

The tree is felled in Oslo in a ceremony attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, the British ambassador to Norway and the Mayor of Oslo. It is then shipped to London by sea and decorated in Trafalgar Square in traditional Norwegian fashion.

But this year, Londoners are underwhelmed with the tree, which is set to be lit on December 2.

One passerby shared a photo of the tree to Twitter, and reactions were less than positive, with many left unimpressed by this year's tree.

"Is that last year's one they've kept in the bin?" asked one person, who was not impressed with the sparse spruce offering.

Another said: "I'm guessing Norway hate us now," and a third asked: "When's the rest of it coming?"

Disgruntled jokes didn't stop there, with one person saying the tree looked "flea-ridden," and another adding that it looked like "it was sitting in the lorry for two weeks, waiting for customs clearance."

One user asked "Did they shove it in an A4 envelope?" while another simply said: "The absolute state of that."

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But some were quick to jump to the tree's defence, saying that the framing of the picture was "clever," after some noticed the top of Nelson's Column rested the Admiral on top of the tree.

"Kudos to whoever climbed up there to put Nelson on top," one user wrote.

One person who was at the tree felling ceremony, called the tree "a very proud moment for me but also Norway," with support from the replies calling some commenters "grinches."

Another pointed out that the "very nice gift" from Norway marked "a good tradition" and "that's just how the age of tree is."

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